Why do skydivers wear helmets? (Expert Guide)

Skydivers going to jump from the plane

Helmets are crucial as they ensure safety whether you are wearing them for riding the bikes or skydiving, it will help you a lot. But it is also true that there is a huge difference between skydiving helmets and bike helmets as they are different in shape and function. 

Skydiving helmets are usually used when you are getting training from a trainer. At that time, the helmet not only protects your skull but also helps you in listening to the guidelines from your coach during the training session. These helmets vary from level to level among the skydivers as the students use different types of helmets.

In contrast, the more experienced skydivers prefer to wear helmets of larger size with a leather aviator style. But people usually ask why skydivers wear helmets. The answer is pretty simple. They do it for their comfort and safety. But this statement needs more explanation, so let’s explore why skydivers prefer to wear helmets!

What Types of Skydiving Helmets Are Available?

Skydiving helmets are usually open-faced helmets; they help in better communication while diving as it makes a good instructional connection between the student and the coach. Furthermore, they have a radio stored in the side pocket, but it is also true that the skydivers prefer to use full-face helmets because they not only prevent them from accidents but also from the cold wind. 

Furthermore, there are advanced and specialized types of skydiving helmets in which the cameras are mounted that are usually available in open-faceted designs. 

Reasons Why Skydivers Prefer To Wear Helmets?

1. A Protective Tool 

If you are diving with your friends or training in a group, there are more chances to get hit with fellow divers. When your head hits each other, it will be very painful for you and your fellow, too, so you can wear a helmet that will act as a protective tool or a shield for you and prevent severe head injuries. 

2. Prevent Injuries 

No doubt, skydiving is a risky activity, and the chances of getting life-threatening injuries become increased two folds; no doubt helmet is not a surety for the safety of life. Still, factually it is worth wearing if you want to avoid injuries. 

A skydiver jumping from the plane

3. Take Experience to the Next Level 

The camera-mounted helmets are the advanced type of helmets as they help capture the drone view of the site where you are diving. So you can make a documentary of your whole skydiving experience that will later become a precious memory. 

4. Acts as a Cushion 

The helmet acts as a cushion for the diver because when you are at a high altitude, the air pressure is quite high and cold, so to avoid the cold air pressure that ultimately leads to headaches and ear pain, the skydivers wear the helmet. 

5. Keeps Divers Safe 

When skydivers use a sturdy and reliable helmet, they will automatically feel safe because when the skydiver is landing, his neck has stress. Still, helmets keep the neck in its proper position and prevent jerks and stress. 

6. Helps in Communication 

Helmets have a microphone and speaker system installed in them, which is useful in keeping the communication between the instructor and the student while they are diving. The instructors also have masks that are useful in maintaining this communication. 

7. Saves Against Avian Collision

When a skydiver exits the aircraft, he is more prone to accidents and crashes, especially when the diver is free-falling toward the ground. Sometimes it also happens that your head hits a bird in the air that hurts you both; to avoid this type of collision, helmets are used. 

8. Helpful in Maintaining Comfort 

Skydivers usually use expensive sunglasses, but when they dive without helmets due to the air pressure, their glasses affect first and may get heartbreaking scratches, so avoid this; helmets should be used. 

Furthermore, besides giving you mental comfort, it prevents the diver from wind that messes the hair and keeps the wind rushing off your face. Comfort helmets are the most common among all skydivers as it assists in avoiding flappy cheeks. 

Airplane backside opened for divers to jump

9. Helmets Look Stylish 

Helmets are good to maintain the overall look. When you go to purchase a skydiving helmet, then you will get a wide range of colors because they are available in all rainbow colors so that you can match them with your suit and container, and you will get a nicer documentary. 

10. Avoid Collision with Ground 

As it is said that little protection is better than no protection, and it is also true that dirt hurts a lot when you suddenly collide with the ground. It is very common for skydivers and pilots who use parachutes for landing, usually landing at a very high speed. They ultimately collide with the ground, so wearing a helmet will help you to avoid such collisions. 

11. Avoid Injuries Inside the Plane 

When you are sitting on a plane, wearing a helmet will help you prevent head injuries because of sudden jerks and bumps. 

Why are Skydiving Helmets Expensive?

Undoubtedly, it is crucial to use skydiving helmets for a skydiver, but it is also true that not all skydivers can afford them because they are out of their range. After all, skydiving is less common than other sports like skating and biking and has larger volumes, which is why they cost much. 

Can a Skydiver Use Another Type of Helmets?

No doubt, the features of the skydiving and the non-skydiving helmets are not common because the skydiving helmets are more advanced but still if you do not own a skydiving helmet, you can alternatively use a bike or skateboard helmet.


Suppose you are planning to get training in skydiving. In that case, you should first purchase a helmet for this purpose, or you can buy a second-hand helmet from Facebook groups, dropzone, or the dealer’s website because the helmets protect you from head injuries and also maintain a stylish look, and that is the reason why do skydivers wear helmets? Have safe diving!