A welding helmet is common for protecting the eyes, neck, or face against the welder. Its primary purpose is to protect the eyes of the welder against any intense or brilliant light or arc. But when it comes to picking the fitting welding helmet, it might be a bit hassle task for you because welding helmet is available in different options. You need to look for the one which increases productivity, welding quality, and comfort.

Right through this guide, we will explain some common types of welding helmetswith their pros and cons to find the suitable one according to your basic needs. Let’s dive into the discussion below:

Guide on Different Types of Welding Helmets with Pros & Cons

Auto-darkening is the most leading and recommended helmet style to go for. You will find them with LCD-controlled features having light sensors mounted just near the lens. They feature the shade variation, which ranges between #8 and #13. Based on the project as well as the power of the welding torch, you can adjust the level of shade.

We call these helmets remarkable because they allow you to see through even before you began using them. This is how it gets easier for you to strike the arc smoothly and get on the work.

A welder welding the material

Auto-darkening best welding helmets are a bit costly, so make sure you are ready to break your pockets to get this helmet.


  • Adjust the shade level according to your preferences
  • There is no need to remove off the helmet for checking your work
  • Lens will automatically get darkened as soon as you strike the arc.
  • It is excellent for safety.
  • Your eyes remain protected while doing work with the help of Quad arc sensors


  • Batteries need constant replacement
  • Costly

Next on our list is the passive welding helmet which is another most recommended helmet to consider. It is also known as a standard helmet with a fixed shade lens. These lenses are always dark.

The most common lens part of passive welding helmets is #10. It won’t allow you to see your work through a lens which can be a bit of trouble for the new welders. You have to remove the helmet to see how much work you have done. But you are free to purchase some other lenses to cover various shades.

Being an affordable helmet, it is a perfect choice for beginner welders. Plus, they are also lightweight and are compact to carry around.


  • It is affordable.
  • Simple, easy to use, and is lightweight
  • Lenses can be replaced easily
  • Provides UV and IR protection to you
  • Very easy to operate


  • Lenses might break very easily.
  • The helmet needs to be removed to check the work you have done
  • You can do adjustments in a limited manner
  • Beginner will not be comfortable it means it is not beginner friendly
  • Fixed Shade Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Fixed Shade Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is the third most common helmet, which has some features similar to Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. But the only difference is that a fixed shade helmet has just single shade.

In addition, with this welding helmet, you can choose between different shades just like you do in the variable shade best auto-darkening helmet. To have a suitable welding helmet meant for just one specific welding process, selecting a fixed shade auto-darkening helmet is the best option meant for you.


  • Perfect for the welders performing the same welding job all the time
  • There is no need to fully change the helmet shade strength for the standard jobs
  • You can buy at reasonable price


  • Different lenses are required for performing the various welding process
  • They run on Batteries
  • Leather Welding Mask

A leather welding mask is typical for protecting the eyes and face and the entire head. You can get it fitted on the head top, and it will cover each section of your face from head to neck. Plus, it is also available with the Goggles for your eyes protection.

Apart from that darkening lens is also part of this mask which can flip both up and down. You will find this welding mask to be helpful in enclosed spaces. Above all, it is water-resistant and made from robust leather material.

A welder with the welding helmet


  • Durable leather material for comfort and excellent protection
  • Cover your entire head against any dirt or spark
  • Perfect to use in enclosed welding spaces


  • It is not versatile kind of helmet
  • You will feel uncomfortable if you use this for a long work
  • Pancake Welding Helmet

Last we have a Pancake welding hood! It is in the shape of a circular shield which is attached to a set of balsa box. Pipeline welders generally use this helmet.

It rests on the entire eyes. Plus, it is fully secured on your face through the strap attachment. The round shield will protect the face and help you see your work all through the darkened view window.

Its main advantage has been its lightweight nature. Balsa box is made from wooden material, making it remarkably light in weight.

In addition, the balsa box is also surrounded by your eyes which even block the external sunlight. Therefore, using a pancake helmet is common if you are part of some outdoor welding projects.


  • Lightweight and can be worked for an extended period.
  • Pancake helmet shape covers your entire face for excellent protection
  • Lightweight balsa wooden box
  • Available with goggles for protecting the eyes


  • Not suitable for indoor welding
  • It can only be used for pipeline welding


Well, to end with, we are sure that with the above discussion, you will be finding it easy for yourself to pick the welding helmet, which is the superior one. Find the one which stands according to your user preferences.

No matter whatever helmet you are planning to invest in, find the safe one to use. Passive welding helmets are favored to do the job right. But variable shade auto-darkening helmets are considered the most versatile and safest option.

If you are purchasing a welding helmet for the first time, our first recommendation would be to choose a variable shade auto-darkening helmet.

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