Troxel Liberty Helmet Review – (Pros & Cons)

troxel liberty helmet

Are you a horseback riding enthusiast looking for a new helmet but not wanting to ruin your budget? The Troxel Liberty helmet may be just for you. Let’s take a nearer look at this helmet through our review of the Troxel Liberty Helmet.

Troxel Liberty has an ultra-low profile modern design by way of dialing technology and a classic high-gloss finish for schooling and versatile riding. The ultra-light, low-profile helmet with large holes provides excellent ventilation for an extra cooler and additional comfortable ride.

Through a comfortable DialFit system and a removable besides washable insert with a FlipFold pad for personal preferences, Liberty is an excellent choice for entire types of best riding disciplines.

Troxel Liberty Helmet


When it comes to horse helmets, Troxel is one of the leading manufacturers in the market. He has been producing equestrian products for many years.

The Troxel Liberty riding helmet has a low profile and solid construction. As such, the helmet is very light, so it will not push on your head while driving. There are six mesh-covered openings for better air circulation and moisture retention for better ventilation. The Troxel Liberty dial-fit helmet system offers a better fit, no matter how big or small your head is.

It also has a folding and washable insert, which provides extra comfort. The Troxel Liberty riding helmet is known for its exceptional ventilation through the openings that cover the eye. This will yet ensure that your head stays dry throughout the ride.

The only problem with the Troxel Liberty riding helmet is its size. It is minimal, so you need to buy one larger than your usual helmet size.

Key Specifications

SizeExtra Small (6 1/4 – 6 1/2)Recommended UsesCycling, Skateboarding
ColorEvergreen DuratecBrandTroxel
Vehicle typehorseback ridingDimension‎13.4 x 9.2 x 7.7 inches
Weight3‎0.77 KilogramsSafety Rating‎DOT Certified
Troxel Liberty Helmet Review

Key Features

After discussing the overview and product specifications, knowing what key features are part of this great helmet is essential. Below are some of its positive features:

1. Designed and Manufactured

One of the essential features of the Troxel Liberty helmet is its clever design. The helmet has a jet across the shell. The purpose of these ducts is to control the airflow. The company called it an air tunnel design.

In addition, you can choose from many attractive colors. If you want a glossy finish, this helmet is available in white, silver, red, green, and yellow. If you want a matte finish, you can also buy this helmet in blue and black. The diaphragm stares with a breath deflector.

There is a visor hole with a breathing deflector, so it does not affect visibility. The most significant advantage is that it can close the file with one click. This system has a pin lock that prevents the accumulation of fog.

The Kinventer helps keep the crack clean while driving. This mechanism allows you to polish your face to avoid sweating, unlike other helmets that direct air to your face by pressure. The sliding crown and rear exhaust vents push hot air out of the helmet. It comes in eight sizes to help you find the most suitable one.

2. Modes

As already mentioned, this is a modular helmet designed to add comfort to your driving experience. It has a hinge that opens into the open forehead of the helmet. This helmet combines an open face and a full face to be versatile. Some riders feel claustrophobic when they wear a full helmet.

You can easily beat this to open your face so you can continue riding the pig without feeling exhausted. This makes it a very good choice for people who need fresh air at traffic lights or when their bike is parked.

3. Maintenance

The lining is made of high-quality fiberglass. The material perfectly removes moisture to prevent the deposition of any microorganisms. Improved antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabric keeps the inside of the helmet in good condition for a long time.

However, the crown of the helmet with face pads will be removed. This will allow you to wash it after removal if you feel the need.

The lining has a quick-drying function that prevents odors. In addition, the inner liner system keeps you dry and cool with sufficient airflow.

A horse rider on the horse
Troxel Liberty Helmet Review

If you want to remove the face pads, you must remove the insert buttons. You do not need any tools to obtain the insert.

4. The inside of the helmet is soft

The inside of the helmet is soft. It has a well-designed extra curtain under the neckline. This will help maintain a reduction in wind speed and noise from below. There is also a can hanger for smooth operation.

5. Speaker pockets and can system

However, the speaker pockets and chin system provide enough space to make the sound small. If you want your helmet to be quiet, this model is not for you.

If the sound isn’t a big deal for you, you can use good earplugs when driving. The insert has a groove for cyclists carrying Google.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Modern design


  • Wrong size

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Troxel a good helmet?

It’s cheaper than most competitors, although it still offers you everything you need in a riding helmet, we thought it was one of the best riding helmets for the money. Although cheaper than other helmets, you will not skimp on safety.

How do you measure a Troxel helmet?

Measure the head with a cloth gauge or a piece of wire, which you can then measure with a ruler about an inch above the eyebrows around the perimeter of the head. After measurement, the measurement should be in inches or centimeters.

How long do Troxel helmets last?

Taking care of your Troxel helmet will ensure a longer life for your product. However, due to evolving helmet standards, technology, and possible invisible damage to the material, it is recommended that the helmet be replaced at least every five years from the date of purchase.


Troxel Liberty school riding helmets are full of all the functions you would add to your wish list of riding helmets. It is super light, well ventilated, fits well, and is comfortable and firm on the head when riding a horse. Large vents provide more ventilation for a relaxed and comfortable ride.
The helmet is unrivaled in comfort and strength. It is equipped with the branded self-adjusting system CinchFit ™ Pro, suitable for various riders’ heads’ sizes and shapes. The elastic straps of this system are self-adjusting.