Best Snowmobile Helmet – (Expert Rated)

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Whenever winter comes, the outdoor sport we love to perform is snowmobiling. But hold on for a second! Have you got a helmet to make this sport safe and risk-free? If not, check out the reviews on the top 10 snowmobile helmets.

These helmets have hard shells which are resistant to impacts and shocks. The breathable lining, DOT certification, SNELL rating, and adjustable padding make them the best and safest-to-use snowmobile helmets. Furthermore, they allow comfortable wearing time, their visors are anti-fog, and their liners remain ultra-soft and 100% air permeable. Besides, the induction of chin curtains brings down the noise and cold air and allows stable wearing time.

Comparison table of 10 Best snowmobile helmets in 2023

 Liner and PaddingConstruction and designUnique QualityPrice
Typhoon Snowmobile HelmetRemovable and softSculpted and aerodynamic Adjustable breathing boxCheck Price
CastleX Snowmobile HelmetWashableSleek and lightweightAdvanced ventilation systemCheck Price
Raider Snowmobile Helmet Plush paddingHard coated designThree shell sizesCheck Price
ILM Snowmobile HelmetHigh-density liningFully ventilated designQuality ABS shellCheck Price
VEGA Helmets Snowmobile Helmet Wic-dri liner systemDOT approved designAerodynamicCheck Price
Snow Master Snowmobile HelmetUltra-soft padsMolded and anti-scratch designDOT certifiedCheck Price
HJC Snowmobile HelmetPlush liningOptically superiorPolycarbonate composite shellCheck Price
TCT-MT Snowmobile HelmetRemovable and washableGlossy and UV protective packedWashable paddingCheck Price
RaceQuip Snowmobile HelmetSoft and adjustableSnell SA2020 approved designFire retardant paintCheck Price
Westt Cross X Snowmobile HelmetRemovable and washableBreathable designDual visorsCheck Price

1. Typhoon Snowmobile Helmet

Typhoon Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • The helmet is smooth and hassle-free when opening and closing.
  • The package includes a chin skirt and also a breathing box.
  • This helmet has a tinted and retractable sun visor.
  • It meets the DOT standards.

Key Specifications

BrandTyphoon Helmets
ColorMatte black
CertificationDOT approved
USPIncludes an adjustable breathing box

Do you love being on snow and seem to be the biggest fan of snowmobiling? If yes, you must perform these sports safely. Experts have repeatedly advised you to put on headgear when you are out there for an outdoor sport. Here we have the Typhoon Snowmobile Helmet, and we are sure that it will keep your head, neck, and face safer when driving on open trails and terrains.

This respective helmet meets the DOT standards, and you will see no difficulty when opening or closing this headgear. In addition, there is a tinted sun visor and heated shield in it. The power cord accompanies the RCA connection, and the package includes the chin skirt and breathing box. You need to measure your head size before buying a snowmobile helmet because the head shape determines how a helmet will get fit.

Besides, this one is a modular helmet loaded with so many qualities. The heated electric shield and anti-fog coating will make it comfortable for the person to snowmobile during the intense winter and foggy days. Even more, the brand has escorted the chin strap with the quick-release closure system, and you will also get a carrying bag.


  • Tinted sun visor
  • Adjustable breathing box
  • Smooth to open and close


  • It lacks the SNELL rating

2. CastleX Snowmobile Helmet

CastleX Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • The design looks sculpted and aerodynamic.
  • It is sleek and lightweight and comprises an Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell.
  • The shield is of anti-fog nature.
  • The helmet coating looks hard and remains anti-scratch.

Key Specifications

BrandCastle X
ColorMatte black
CertificationFMVSS 218 approved
USPAdvanced ventilation system

If you are looking for a modular snowmobile helmet, we suggest you have the CastleX Snowmobile Helmet because the affordable price tag complements it too! It is purely and genuinely configured for outdoor sports. In addition, the helmet comes with an anti-fog shield, high-definition sun visor, and chin curtain. The package includes a breathing box as well. You will see that the construction of this snowmobile helmet looks wow and impressive. The shell component is made of Advanced Polycarbonate Composite and injection molded.

The brand promises that the coating on this headgear will not get scratched, corroded, or get rust because it is based on the anti-fog and anti-scratch nature. Whether you have been snowmobiling for hours, no suffocation will be there, and you will not feel deprived of oxygen because the ventilation system keeps you surrounded by fresh air. You can notice that the EPS lining wicks extra heat and moisture and maintains a fresh breath of air inside the helmet.

You can have it in sizes from Small to 3X-Large, and all versions of this headgear fulfill the DOT FMVSS 218 standards. It is high time to have a safer snowmobiling experience and enjoy having a better vision, and that is possible if you have chosen the best helmet. You can even use it for motocross, street, and mountain bikes, city bikes, or sports touring.


  • Anti-fog coating
  • Dual-pane shield
  • Advanced ventilation system


  • Expensive

3. Raider Snowmobile Helmet 

Raider Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • There are six vents in it for ensuring a maximum ventilation system.
  • The design is lightweight and sturdy.
  • It gives thorough protection while you are on the open trails and terrains.
  • It comes with a thermoplastic shell and comfort liner.

Key Specifications

CertificationDOT approved
USPThree shell sizes for a better and perfect fit

Winter outdoor sports are always fun to perform! Here we like to tell you that you should wear a good-quality helmet whenever you plan to do snowmobiling. You can surely pick the Raider Snowmobile Helmet; it is exceptional. The exclusive rate is that it is DOT approved and meets every single FMVSS N.218 standard. The dual shield, six vents, three shell sizes, and multi-position racket makes it one of the high-end snowmobile helmets.

It is a full-face helmet, looks lightweight and sleek, and offers 360-degree protection to your head. You can now ride safely on the trails because lots of DOT-approved helmets are available on the market, and among them, we have Raider Snowmobile Helmet. The dual-lens shield allows you to comfortably ride during cold weather. And the six vents will keep you fresh and active because cool air will surround your face.

For individuals passionate about performing outdoor sports during the winter months, we suggest they pick up these kinds of helmets. This exclusive recommendation has a thermoplastic shell, lightweight design, and multi-position ratchet. The comfort liner ensures proper fit, and you can snowmobile for hours without any trouble. Thus, you can now bring extensive pleasure to your outdoor sports. With such helmets, outdoor sports activities become risk-free.


  • Optically correct
  • High-flow ventilation system
  • Better fit


  • Limited use

4. ILM Snowmobile Helmet

ILM Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • There are two face shields included in the package.
  • It is an ideal headgear option for winter touring and adventuring.
  • The EPS foam is of high-density quality.
  • Both of the face shields are 100% fog-resistant.

Key Specifications

ColorMatte black
CertificationCertified by the Department of Transportation
USPQuality ABS shell

Winter touring and adventuring can be performed safely. If you are into such outdoor sports, the most critical item you must invest in is a helmet. Many people have praised the use of the ILM Snowmobile Helmet, and you can try it too. It meets the DOT Safety standards and contains a quality ABS shell. The EPS foam and other linings are of high-density nature, and it is promised that you can snowmobile safely on challenging terrains and uneven paths.

For your touring adventure times, this one is the recommended headgear model. You can even have it day to day commuting. The face shield remains resistant to fog, and no cloudy effect will appear on it. You can worry-free ride under the snow for sure. Note that the package includes a clear visor and Pinlock insert.

Besides, the ultra-soft padding, a quick-release buckle, and a hi-fi ventilation system make it a catchy recommendation among outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is easy to wear, and the air vents can be effortlessly opened and closed down by simply sliding them. In addition, the cheek pads and lining are detachable. Apart from having this helmet for snowmobiling, you can utilize this protective gear for motorcycles, motocross, AVT, and MTB.


  • Quality ABS shell
  • Two face shields
  • Ultra-soft padding


  • There is no intercom or Bluetooth-ready design

5. VEGA Helmets Snowmobile Helmet 

VEGA Helmets Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • It is specially engineered and packed with an aerodynamic design.
  • The air intake ports are large and adjustable.
  • The locking shield system looks advanced and user-friendly.
  • You will get five years of manufacturer warranty.

Key Specifications

BrandVega Helmets
CertificationApproved by the US DOT FMVSS No.218
USPAerodynamic design

Do you think your winter outdoor sports activities do not look safer? If yes, we suggest you replace your helmet with the VEGA Helmets Snowmobile Helmet and successfully bring a lot of pleasure, comfort, and safety into your touring and winter adventure activities. Most importantly, it is DOT approved, carries a lightweight design, and weighs only 3.6 lbs. The aerodynamic construction and exclusively engineered design make it the best pick so far.

In addition, the ABS shell, large air intake ports, and multi-channel airflow mechanism eventually make your snowmobiling tour hassle-free. You can see that the air intake ports are large, and the rear exhausts are also massive. Your head will receive maximum protection if you witness any crashing situation. On the other hand, the shield system has been electrically heated, and it is fully contoured and locked to eliminate perspiration or fog.

Your head and face will not see discomfort when wearing this helmet because the wic-dri liner system keeps the whole product comfortable and distressing-free to wear. You can remove, clean, and replace the liner whenever you want to. So, do you think this VEGA Helmets Snowmobile Helmet is the one for you? Yes, go and get it! No doubt, it is so easy to operate, and customers get a 5-year warranty time.


  • Aerodynamic and Special Engineering
  • Easy to operate
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty


  • Fewer sizes are available

6. Snow Master Snowmobile Helmet

Snow Master Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • It has an electric shield, and the visor is 100% scratch-resistant.
  • The brand has infused this helmet with a crown ventilation system.
  • It is a lightweight and dual sport helmet.
  • The aerodynamic design brings more safety while snowmobiling.

Key Specifications

BrandSnow Master Helmets
CertificationCertified by the Department of Transportation
USPCrown Ventilation System

You must not risk your life when snowmobiling under the most challenging and severe foggy conditions. Under such circumstances, you have to wear a top-quality helmet. For this reason, we have picked the Snow Master Snowmobile Helmet for our readers! It has an electric shield, and the visor is clear, molded, and anti-fog in construction. You will spot rear outlet vents, a quick-release buckle, and a crown ventilation system.

Undoubtedly, it has become the popular dual-sport helmet that people with a snowmobiling passion love using. Including aerodynamic design, superior features, and modern construction makes it a technically safe and sound helmet. The quick-release buckle keeps the headgear intact and neither tight nor loose as long as you are snowmobiling. It will be firmly positioned and secured on your head for sure.

In addition, the visor is detachable. You can remove it when you think you do not need it. The DOT certification will give a worry-free touring time to the rider. Your head and face remain harm-free because the helmet’s outer shell and inner lining ensure 360-degree protection. It is for all kinds of winter motorsports that you can have it. You will get an outstanding value every time you perform your outdoor sport.


  • Anti-scratch Visor
  • Rear Outlet Vents
  • Quick Release Buckle


  • A bit hassle-free to take off

7. HJC Snowmobile Helmet

HJC Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • The face shield is constructed in a superior manner, and it is optically correct.
  • The Polycarbonate Composite Shell is there.
  • It fully meets the DOT standards.
  • The cheek padding is 100% interchangeable.

Key Specifications

BrandHJC Helmets
CertificationDOT approved
USPPolycarbonate Composite Shell

Gone are those days when you used to get scared while snowmobiling. If you think that your life is at risk and you cannot enjoy these winter outdoor sports touring times, you are wrong! We can help you, get hold of the HJC Snowmobile Helmet and transform your winter foggy touring rides risk-free and completely safe. It contains the Polycarbonate Composite Shell. The design is supremely lightweight, and sleek, and offers a superior fit.

Whether you have a large or small head shape, this helmet will fit you because it is extensively adjustable. Furthermore, CAD technology and DOT certification have eradicated all our doubts and fear about snowmobiling. This outdoor sport can be worry-freely performed on the condition you have put on the HJC Snowmobile Helmet. You can spot that it has these forehead and chin vents. You can adjust them at any time.

Rest, there are two exhaust vents located on the rear side. You will probably find these helmets one of the optically-superior models. You can use it under intense sun rays because 95% UV protection is promised. The shield ratchet system is simple, well-secured, and ultra-quick to operate.


  • Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Superior Face Shield
  • DOT certified


  • There is no breathing box included in the package

8. TCT-MT Snowmobile Helmet

TCT-MT Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • The design looks attractive, and the glossy finishing touch is present.
  • The padding can be removed and washed at any time.
  • Its design is well-vented.
  • The interior is heavily-cushioned, soft, and very comfortable.

Key Specifications

ColorOrange and white
CertificationDOT approved
USPWashable padding

You can have the TCT-MT Snowmobile Helmet for sure! The glossy finishing touch makes this headgear more attractive and appealing. It is the safest helmet version that you must wear for your snowmobiling activities or any other outdoor winter touring rides. Most importantly, the design is lightweight, promises UV protection, and the outer shell endorses not bringing any minor scratch on your head or face.

The catchy part is that the interior padding is heavily and excessively cushioned. If you have an accident while you snowmobile during foggy times, your life will remain safe. Thus, it is an all-purpose headgear that you can have! The well-vented construction and detachable and washable padding make it a suitable helmet for summer and winter touring times. Remember that it should be DOT-approved whenever you plan to get the snowmobile helmet. If it lacks this certification, avoid buying it.

Overall, the composite shell and, heavily cushioned interior, well-vented structure guarantees safety from all sides. The advanced ventilation system allows airflow from all sides and angles, and you will not feel any restriction or exhaustion while this helmet is on your head. In most snowmobile helmets, the lining plays an important part, and this reviewed product has a washable and soft lining which is great to see.


  • Beautiful glossy
  • Comfortable interior
  • Washable padding


  • Need extensive maintenance

9. RaceQuip Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • It is SNELL approved.
  • You will spot threaded inserts right there in the shell.
  • The liner is made of expanded polystyrene material.
  • You will get excellent peripheral vision even if you snowmobile during the foggiest times.

Key Specifications

ColorFlat black
CertificationSnell SA2020 approved
USPFire Retardant Paint 

An uncountable number of snowmobile helmets are DOT approved, however, here we have one exclusive suggestion, which is SNELL certified, and it is this RaceQuip Snowmobile Helmet. Yes, this model has been Snell SA2020 Rated. The Threaded Inserts and premium composition in the shell make it tough to withstand long-term use. Furthermore, the liner is made of Expanded Polystyrene and promises a comfortable fit to accommodate most of head shapes.

Alongside, the Nomex interior and anti-fog shield improve its performance more and more. By wearing this helmet, you will get balanced and controlled peripheral vision. In addition, the presence of Silicone Eyeport Seal keeps the whole helmet dirt-free. Many people who love snowmobiling have given thumbs up and loads of appreciation to this model. The paint and overall finishing are fire-retardant. Besides, it has an Adjustable Friction Lock which you can set up to 8 positions.

So, what have you planned? Time to bring and inject more fun into your outdoor sports touring times is possible if you have got a helmet with a slick-aero design. As it is, Snell SA2020 is rated, which is why it is promised that you will get full-face protection. The pressurized steel molds show this helmet’s ideal blend of lightweight and strength.


  • Snell SA2020 Rated
  • Expanded Polystyrene Liner
  • Excellent Peripheral Vision


  • Limited warranty

10. Westt Cross X Snowmobile Helmet

Westt Cross X Snowmobile Helmet

Key Features

  • The helmet contains dual visors.
  • It is DOT approved.
  • It has breathable and fully vented air inlets.
  • Extensive warranty time is offered.

Key Specifications

ColorMatte black
CertificationDOT certified
USPDual visors

If you have just planned to go out snowmobiling, you could not find a good-quality and DOT-approved helmet in the shops! We can genuinely help you in this case. Get hold of the Westt Cross X Snowmobile Helmet because it gives satisfactory performance and keeps the rider’s outdoor sports activities safer and enjoyable. Moreover, it has dual visors and is packed with breathable air inlets.

You will get a five-year warranty time, and this one is a must-have headgear that you must wear if you are touring on snowy paths. The scientific and advanced ventilation system keeps the usage time breathable and suffocating-free. Even more, the vents are adjustable, and you can adjust the airbase according to your touring needs. Above and beyond, the padded lining makes it a winter-friendly helmet. Feel free to use it during the severe foggy weather times because you will always get a clear view.

Its design is also summer-friendly and suitable for daily use. The brand has assured that the construction and overall composition are shock-proof. This helmet resists impacts and collisions. It is even crack resistant and 100% weather resistant. Thus, the warm lining keeps you warm during winter, and your skull and face will not get hurt during an unexpected event.


  • Dual visors
  • Breathable air inlets
  • Five-year warranty


  • The finishing is not dirt-resistant
Best Snowmobile Helmets – Video Guide


If you have used any of the above-mentioned snowmobile helmets, let us know your experience. Overall, these helmets are ideal for outdoor touring times. Whether it is foggy, cloudy, or severely snowing, you can make them useful. The DOT-approved and SNELL-rated headgears keep your winter sports adventure safe and sound.

Our top choices are:

The multi-positional visor, wide opening, adjustable chin straps, hard outer shell, and padded liners make them great dual sport helmets. You can lock the visor into any ridge and thus enjoy snowmobiling every day. Stay connected.