Solar Eclipse: Can You Look With Welding Helmet?

Welding helmet with solar eclipse

If you want to view the solar eclipse, you must be very sure that you are wearing glasses; if you are not wearing something like glasses or a helmet for protection, then the rays will damage your eyes, or you may lose your eyesight. And most people ask can you look at the solar eclipse with a welding helmet or not?

The answer is yes because it is NASA approved to wear a welding helmet as it protects your eyes, so if you do not have something else like glasses, you must be sure that your helmet is not more than three years old because this type of helmet will never protect your eyes. If you are still confused about whether to use the welding helmet or mask to view the solar eclipse or not, then read this complete article ahead!

Which Welding Helmet Can Help You to Look Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is common in this universe. Many people wish to see the solar eclipse when it is at its peak but looking at it directly is harmful to the eyes that is why you must need a protective shield to avoid the rays for this, you can use a welding helmet if it has a shade 12 or higher than 12 which are usually not commonly available in the market. 

1. How Does Welding Helmet Protect the Eyes?

Sun emits ultraviolet rays that are the most damaging for the eyes and make your eyes sunburned. Furthermore, ultraviolet rays are of 3 types that are harmful to the eyes. 

Let’s have a look at them!

a. Ultraviolet C 

The atmosphere has a special type of protective layer, known as ozone, that helps block all the harmful rays emitted from the sun. 

b. Ultraviolet B 

This type of ultraviolet rays causes many skin and eye problems, but these are weaker than ultraviolet C. 

c. Ultraviolet A 

These are the weakest among all the ultraviolet rays which damage the eyes. 

Welding helmets do not allow these rays to pass; that is why it helps avoid skin and eye syndrome because they give high coverage and avoid irritability, sensitivity, cataracts, pinguecula, and macular degeneration. 

Solar Eclipse View

2. Results of Looking Directly to the Solar Eclipse

Here is a little explanation about the harmful consequences if you directly stare at the solar eclipse, and these are:

1. Cataracts 

It causes vision issues by breaking the protein in the lens of your eye. 

2. Irritability 

It causes watering, itching, grittiness, and an unbearable burning sensation. 

3. Pinguecula 

It causes a reversible irritation in the eye. 

4. Sensitivity 

If you have eye sensitivity, you will be unable to see bright screens. 

3. Steps to Look Solar Eclipse with Welding Helmet

If you want to view the solar eclipse by using your cheap welding helmet, then this is not a sudden process; you have to prepare yourself and your helmet first to view it clearly. 

A person looking the solar eclipse with sunglasses

Let’s move towards these steps!

1. Equipment List 

The first and foremost step is to gather the material, which includes:

  • Auto-darkening welding helmet. 
  • Aluminum foil tape 
  • Alcohol 
  • Small remote control 
  • Plastic tape 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Paper towels 

2. Clean the Helmet 

To clean your helmet, you must have alcohol as a cleaning agent and a paper towel. It does not matter whether you are using an old helmet or a brand-new helmet. You must clean it first for a clean view because it may have oily residues. For this, you have to clean the area where you are going to stick the remote control. 

Alcohol is very useful in cleaning the helmet from the hot black glue because you have to return it to its original state. 

On the cheapest side, if you do not have alcohol or a paper towel, then you can breathe and your clean shirt to make the screen clear.

3. Paste the Remote Over the Helmet 

Now you have to glue the remote on the surface of the helmet. It helps in bouncing the infrared rays from the sun and does not allow it to enter the helmet. But it is also possible that the helmet’s surface does not allow you to glue the remote over it here is a tip for you, you can preheat the surface of the helmet or place it in the oven for some time. 

If you do not have a remote, then you can use a lighter or matches as an alternative that produces random IR signals. 

4. Glue the Cap in Place 

The cap, which is white and tinted with titanium oxide, reflects the IR light from the remote into one of the sensors, and this cap is made of polyethylene, a very common material. 

5. Tape the Cap 

Tape the cap as it will help you prevent leaking the light from the edges, but you must make sure that the piece of the tape must be larger compared to the IR sensor. You can detect the sensors on the helmet as they appear in two black dots. 

6. Customize the Helmet 

Customize your helmet for viewing the solar eclipse. It might look funny to you, but your experience will be very amazing. 

Test the Helmet 

The last step in viewing the solar eclipse is to test your helmet. Now you have to wear the helmet and take it outside but not try directly to view the sun. First, you have to test it by looking around the landscape. If you are satisfied with the view, then congratulations, you can look at the sun now. 

If you have covered the sensors and the cap with the tape appropriately, you will never spoil the fun. If you want a high-quality helmet, then you should go for the 2-6 IR sensors. 


A solar eclipse is undoubtedly an amazing phenomenon that frequently happens in the universe. Many people are fond of this magical phenomenon, but staring at it directly causes irreversible effects, so you can use welding helmets to view it. The upper illustrated article has elaborated that how can you look at a solar eclipse with a welding helmet!