Smith Quantum Helmet Review

Smith Quantum Helmet

Ideally, your helmet keeps you warm, allows you to breathe when you heat up and integrates with your goggles. What they can do to protect your brain should be the number one feature we should all consider.  Thanks to the Smith Quantum Helmet, your head is kept as safe as possible while checking all of the other boxes for what a helmet should have.

Our review of the detailed Smith Quantum MIPS helmet shows that it is one of the most comfortable skis and snowboard helmets we have tested. On warm days, it features sweat-wicking, antimicrobial linings that ensure that your head stays dry and that the helmet smells fresh afterward. Smith Quantum MIPS helmets also use the BOA FS360 fit system, one of our favorites.

In the following in-depth review, we will discuss what makes this helmet unique. Let’s dive into the below review.

Smith Quantum Helmet


Snow helmets from Smith range from the simple Holt to the top-of-the-line Quantum we tested here. The MIPS liner and energy-absorbing Aerocore construction provide a full suite of safety features, plus a supremely comfortable and well-ventilated fit system.

The Quantum is undeniable quite a bit pricey at $300, but we think it’s a good choice for those skiing big lines in the backcountry.

It is also very easily operated with one hand, providing riders with a wide range of adjustability under their helmets if they wish to wear a beanie or buff.

The Smith Quantum and Vantage helmets are exceptionally comfortable and fit many head shapes because of their BOA system. As a result, these helmets tend to favor riders and skiers with rounded heads rather than the more oval fit of Giro helmets.

Key Specifications

SizeSmallRecommended UsesMotorcycling
ColorMatte Black / Charcoal ’20BrandSmith
Vehicle typeStreet typeDimension15 x 11 x 11 inches
Weight23 ouncesSafety Rating‎DOT Certified
Key specifications of Smith Quantum Helmet

Key Features of Smith Quantum Helmet             

To know more about the Smith helmet, let’s give you a quick rundown of its important features of it to see why it is worth to invest:

1. Warmth

The Smith Quantum MIPS offers 22 vents that can quickly close down tight via sliders on the front and back. These vents do an excellent job of keeping your head cool when they are closed tightly, and they also feature earpads that hug your ears and cheeks closely. 

Meanwhile, the cheek pads secure tightly around your ears and cheeks, preventing fresh pow and wind from entering. As a whole, the Smith Quantum helmet is the best skiing and snowboarding helmet on the market.

A Skateboarder in fresh mood
Smith Quantum Helmet Review

2. Ventilation

The Smith Quantum snow helmet has 22 vents, making it one of the best-ventilated helmets on the market when it’s fully open. In addition, the Smith Quantum has two sliders for adjusting its vents, one for each side. Users can adjust the level of airflow that they receive this way.

3. Aerocore Construction

In addition to the Aerocore design, Smith also incorporated Koroyd, a honeycomb-like material used for boosting protection, into Quantum’s construction.

The helmet’s tube-like Koroyd (which you can see through its vents) is primarily designed to increase airflow during a crash as well as to reduce impact. Throughout the entire Quantum’s shell, Aerocore construction adds additional assurance.

4. Build Quality and Durability

The Quantum helmet represents Smith’s top-of-the-line build quality. In terms of construction, you receive a hybrid in-mold design consisting of a tougher ABS plastic panel on the top and back and a thinner, more lightweight section at the base of the lid.

In addition, all buckles, sliders, vents, and straps work perfectly with no failures to date, and the padding inside is not worn or ripped.

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Smith Quantum Helmet Review

5. Goggle Compatibility

Smith helmets, and especially the Smith Quantum MIPS, are among the best for helmet and goggle integration. The Smith Quantum not only fits well but utilizes Smith’s AirEvac2 technology to keep your goggles fog-free.

While the Smith Quantum can be used with many goggles, Smith’s snow goggles provide the best fit and goggle ventilation.

6. Weight

The Smith Quantum falls short in one category, and this is it. Compared to our other helmets, it is heavier at 623g. Although it has several safety and technical features, we were more than happy to accept its weight increase in exchange for the added safety and features.


  • The ventilation is excellent
  • The high degree of adjustability.
  • Padding is generous and very comfortable
  • Construction of high quality.


  • A bit bulky

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper fit for a Smith helmet?

The liner inside is partially compressed even without tightening the straps with the straps lose. Make sure the straps are comfortable but not too tight. Your skin will become wrinkled when you move your helmet sideways or backward.

Where do Smith helmets come from?

Clearfield, Utah, became the site of Smith’s new factory in 2006. The company is called Smith Manufacturing.

is the proper way to measure the helmet size?

It is best to measure the circumference of the head at a point about an inch forward of the eyebrows in front and at a point behind the ear that produces the largest measurement possible in the back of the head. Take multiple measurements. Your first measurement should be the largest.


Smith Quantum Helmets are among the highest-quality and most reliable helmets in the market. They feature Smith’s trademark attention to detail and vast technology. With this helmet, you get more for your money not only in terms of safety but also in terms of features, tech, and warmth.

Among its best features are the BOA fit adjustment system, warm earpads, and adjustable vents designed to keep or let air in, depending on the situation. This helmet will undoubtedly keep you comfortable and safe in any condition, no matter where you are on the mountain.