Ski-Doo oxygen helmet review

Ski-Doo oxygen helmet

Indeed, the overall design and quality of the Ski-Doo oxygen helmet take us to the world of the Holy Grail of perfection. It is of extreme priority for any rider to protect his head and put on top-notch quality gear while snowmobiling. And among the lots of choices and models, you can blindly trust the Ski-Doo oxygen helmet model.

It has passed almost all helmet tests and revolutionized the way helmets used to be designed and engineered. Furthermore, the brand has addressed all the problems which the previous models of snowmobile helmets used to have, and right now, the Ski-Doo oxygen model seems to be a perfect choice.

The minute you take it out from the box, you will see how impressive and shiny the exterior is. The shell looks robust and durable. On the other hand, the shield is sufficiently wide and almost panoramic. The construction of the shield is fog-resistant. You can crystal-clear see in the dark, foggy, and snowy times. The user will see no hassle while lifting or closing the shield. Lastly, rubber trimming is there all around the helmet. This respective feature signifies automotive quality.

Key Specifications

BrandSki-DooDesignEye-glasses friendly
ShellM-FORGE Composite shellVentsAdjustable
VisorAmplified heated visorConstructionDurable
USPAnti-fog coatingsTechnologyNCS system
Key Specifications of Ski-Doo oxygen helmet

Features of Ski-Doo oxygen helmet

Most probably, you will find this helmet one of the lightweight models which are robustly designed and promises 100% protection for the rider. Below we have listed the details of these features comprehensively:

1. Lightweight and M-FORGE composite shell

The reviewed helmet has a lightweight design and an M-FORGE composite shell. It is believed that it is 20% lighter than other models. Whenever you plan to get a new helmet, make sure that it does not put an unwanted burden on your head. And this reviewed model is so light to put on!

2. Amplified heated visor

The presence of an amplified heated visor makes it an eye-catchy model. You can see that the sun visor is encased with a heated chamber and infused with a pivot contact system.

A girl with the snowboarder
Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet Review

3. Prescription eyeglasses-friendly design

Accompanying this helmet with your prescription eyeglasses is no longer a trouble. Put on the glasses and this safety gear simultaneously and enjoy having a great fit. You will get an unobstructed field of vision, which will be panoramic for sure. The extractor vents are adjustable so that you can comfortably wear the eyeglasses and helmet at the same time.

4. Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coating

The brand has claimed that its Oxygen helmet model is surrounded by anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings. You will certainly get a clear view despite how foggy it is outside. In addition, the premium coasting makes it strong enough to withstand scratches.

5. NCS System

The presence of the NCS system brings down the noise level up to two times. It means you can comfortably ride during the windy times, and no stormy sounds will come to your ears. Thus, the model is injected with an excellent noise reduction system.

A man with ski doo helmet
Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet Review

6. Keeps your face cool and exhausts the hot air outside

You can well spot that the Oxygen model has two vent ports. They remain located inside the chin area. You can control and operate them by using levers for exhausting the hot air outside.

7. Final Verdict!

So, do you feel like including this Ski-Doo oxygen model in the helmet collection? We believe you must do that so! The inclusion of a noise abatement system, excellent craftsmanship, and robust feel makes it a versatile and supreme snowmobile helmet.

It has a rear LED light, neck curtains for keeping the windy sounds out, and is installed with a clear panoramic lens. Alongside the multiple shield detents, the non-modular design and wind protector present on the chin bar is its other popular features.


  • M-FORGE Composite shell
  • Durable anti-fog coating
  • Amplified heated visor


  • The packing looks not so stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear prescription glasses with an oxygen helmet?

Yes, you can wear prescription glasses with an oxygen helmet. It is eyeglasses-friendly and ensures a seamless fit.

What is the use of a visor on snowmobile helmets?

The presence of a visor matters a lot on snowmobile helmets. Whenever you see that your helmet has become fogged up because of your sweat or warm breadth, the dual-pane visor will be there to prevent frost or fog from building up.

How much does the Ski-Doo oxygen helmet weigh?

It weighs approximately 3.95 lbs and not more than that. You will find these snow-mobile helmets immensely lightweight.


That is all from our side about the Ski-Doo oxygen helmet review. If you have been one of the loyal customers of this brand, share with us your honest and genuine comments. Stay tuned to get to know more about such quality helmets.