Shoei GT Air 2 Helmet Review

Shoei GT Air 2

Riding always comes with its dangers, and taking precautions is a necessity. While riding gear is crucial, an essential component within it is a helmet. Investing in the right helmet with a sun visor should be your priority if you often ride an ATV, bike, or motorcycle. Selecting a helmet is no big deal, or so you think. Emphasizing small things such as the quality, internal material, aerodynamics, etc., is crucial. After a comprehensive market survey, we found out that Shoei makes one of the best helmets for commercial use. Hence, we will elaborate on its features in this Shoei GT Air 2 review.

Earlier, the Shoei GT Air design wasn’t flawless, but it has made a remarkable comeback over time. The Shoei GT Air 2 is a perfect helmet for longer rides as it has a nice aerodynamic feel and an even better quickly-release strap. The extra-wide sun visor is one of the favorite parts of the helmet as it not only blocks the sun but keeps dust particles at bay. We like how the 3D-injected sun-visor is easy to glide and comes in handy all the time. The optimal de-fogging and improved ventilation are systems that make your overall experience more enjoyable. Want to know more about the helmet? Keep reading!

Shoei GT Air 2- improved ventilation and sun protection system

Product Overview

The Shoei GT Air 2 is a comfortable helmet and offers excellent features at an affordable price. People love the aesthetic design and perfectly aggressive looks of the helmet. The full-face helmet not only gives you a beastly look, but it is well-ventilated and compatible with different riding styles. The internal sun-visor keeps 99% of the dun out. It is not made for sports use, but commercial and everyday use as far as protection is concerned. It has a drop-down visor for optimal clarity; you can quickly see through the visor without any issues.

One of the things that makes it an excellent fit for most people is its Bluetooth compartment. You can listen to songs while embarking on a long-distance commute. On the other hand, it has a de-fogging function which helps you enhance clarity and intensify your concentration. The aerodynamics of the Shoei GT Air is much better than before. The regulation of air and ventilation systems makes you feel fresh all the time. The helmet is an excellent investment for people who use bikes and motorbikes for the everyday commute. Let’s dig deeper!

Key specifications

Brand Shoei
Size Large
Color  Black 
Service typeCruiser, street bike, motorcycling 
Recommended useMotorcycling 

Features in detail

1. Outer structure

The helmet’s outer structure plays a pivotal role in ensuring maximum safety and an optimal riding experience. Figuring out the right outer shell design is a hassle for manufacturers, especially if they want to deliver high-quality durability. A combination of fiberglass, carbon, and resin molding makes the outer shell. The brand has emphasized heavily on quality and design. We love how the helmet is sturdy yet flexible due to the fiberglass material. It provides a tremendous amount of ventilation to keep you cool in hot weather.

2. Ventilation system

The ventilation system is one of the features that makes or breaks a helmet. The new and improved helmet is all a user needs to have a great riding experience. A chin vent on the lower end of the helmet lets an ample amount of airflow through. Also, the visor is designed to let some amount of air pass through. You don’t feel as hot or suffocated even if the visor is down. There are two top vents on the helmet which are easily accessible. 

Man on cruiser with shoei gt air 2

3. Sun visor

Among various improvements in the helmet’s design, a new and improved sun visor is one. The internal sun visor is much bigger than before and works quite well to keep 99% of the sun out of your eyes. One of the biggest user concerns is the clarity when riding with a visor down. Even though the sun-visor provides optimal clarity, people with eye vision will have some issues. If you have no eyesight issues, you can easily ride with the visor down. On the other hand, the little ventilation through the sun visor is ideal for defogging and creating more clarity.

4. Internal build

While it is essential for the helmet’s outer shell to be sturdy, the inner construction plays an equally important role. We think that the internal foam padding is comfortable and keeps your head appropriately molded. On the other hand, we like that the cheek pads fix the helmet in place, and it does not move as much when riding faster. Also, it has an ample sweat-absorbing capability which helps you feel cool in hot weather. However, you can feel a little itchy if you wear the helmet for a longer period.


  • 99% sun-blocking visor
  • Fit perfectly
  • Soft foam lining
  • Ample ventilation
  • Affordable


  • Makes you itchy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shoei GT Air 2 quiet?

The Shoei GT Air 2 is a quiet helmet if you ride closed vents. However, you will hear outside noises if you keep every vent open.

How safe is the Shoei GT Air 2?

The fiberglass and carbon outer shell is perfect for protecting you against minor accidents. On the other hand, the internal foam is soft and cushions your head to avoid minor traumas.

Is the Shoei GT Air a good helmet?

According to the price, Shoei GT Air 2 is a good helmet as it provides excellent features and ample protection.


It is essential to be prepared and prioritize your safety when riding a motorbike. A Shoei GT Air helmet not only protects you against potential accidents but also looks stylish; in the Shoei GT Air 2 review, we talked about all its features, and the final decision is yours now.