LS2 stream Helmet Review

LS2 Stream Helmet

You often have spotted street bikers, scooter owners, and street-sport motorcyclists wearing an LS2 stream helmet. Yes, it is a versatile and highly protective gear that you must wear. In addition, it is a full-face helmet and comes along with a sun shield.

The presence of a resistant shell has made it a super-protective bike gear encased with an aerodynamic design. Bikers remain comfortable wearing these helmets because they have a UV-resistant visor and a premium-looking polycarbonate screen. These elements prevent fog or smog from coming in between your eye, and you will be able to see clearly.

Thus, the best and most advanced technology is injected. It is the kind of helmet that should not be missed out on trying. You can have this model in many solid colors and a range of sizes. Flashy designs have made it a top pick among beginner and expert riders. If you want to get a technologically advanced helmet, we suggest going with this option. The internal sun shield enhances and optimizes visibility while guaranteeing 100% safety.

LS2 stream helmet


Experts have suggested always wearing those helmets accompanied by drop-down sun shields and DOT-Approved, and guess what? We have one such product, and it is this LS2 stream helmet. There is a built-in sun shield that endorses DOT and ECE approval. Above and beyond, it claims to call itself a world-class and premium constructed full-face motorcycle helmet.

The reviewed model, LS2 Stream, has crushed and beaten all its competitors because riders have supported this model extensively. The lightweight design and aerodynamic shell show proprietary high performance. Rest, you see the composition of HPTT polycarbonate alloy.

The rider’s safety is ensured and promised because the technical fabric liner and cheek padding keep your face scratched and dent-free. Note that the cheek pads are made of high-quality foam, cut by executing the LS2’s 3D Laser Technology. No fitting issues will be there, and this safety gear gets fit all head shapes and sizes without worry.

Whenever you see that the liners have become dirty, you can remove and wash them. Hand-wash the liners because that is always recommended! In addition, the Tool-less Quick Release helps you swap shields effortlessly. Talking about the face shield, it is 100% scratch-resistant and remains optically correct.

Besides, the face shield is also pin-lock-ready. Thus, it is a fantastic helmet that one can get. Invest in this version because it has a built-in premium Twin Shield System and drop-down Sun Shield. You will get an unbelievable value. According to the sources, the brand has successfully become the fastest-growing helmet-manufacturing company worldwide. You will get a 5-year warranty time against defects in material, quality, and workmanship on buying it.

Key Specifications

BrandLS2 HelmetsShield systemBuilt-in and premium Twin Shield System
Ideal forStreet-sport motorcycles, Scooter and Street BikeCertificationDOT approved
PaddingRemovable and washableLiningTechnical fabric liner
Cheeks padding3D laser-cutUSPMeet ECE/DOT standards
Key Specifications LS2 Stream Helmet Review

Features of LS2 stream helmet

Many highly protective helmets have arrived, but the LS2 stream model has achieved one of the top spots. Uncountable promising and distinguished features are present in it. Below you can see the details:

1. Twin Shield System

The twin shield system makes a high-class and safe-to-use helmet. The drop-down sun shield is glove-friendly and successfully protects your eyes from scorching sun rays. If you are out there for a long ride and the sun’s rays are intense, use the drop-down shield to reduce glare and ride comfortably. In addition, these shields are easy to use and operate. You can open and close even with gloved hands of yours.

2. Quick Release Chin Strap

The quick-release chin strap is DOT approved and helps you enjoy a comfortable fitting time. If the chin strap remains intact, the helmet will never and ever come off.

A main with the helmet on his head doing snowboarding
LS2 Stream Helmet Review

3. Removable and Washable Padding

The padding and liners are removable and washable. Whenever you notice that they have become greasy and stained, take them off and give them a hand wash. On the other hand, the liners are made of breathable fabric and remain hypoallergenic.

4. Multi-Density EPS

The brand has guaranteed utmost protection, so feel free to get your hands on the LS2 stream model. It is encased with multi-density EPS, fully protects your whole face, and absorbs all shocks, dents, and impacts.

5. 3D Laser Cut infused Cheek Padding

The cheek pads are 3D laser cut infused. This will help you get a contoured cut and hassle-free wearing time.

A women with LS2 Stream Helmet
LS2 Stream Helmet Review

6. Premium quality visor

The visor quality looks top-notch. Most importantly, the LS2 visors are injected with 3D Optically Correct and A-class Polycarbonate polymer. Its quality makes it highly resistant to impacts and offers 100% clarity.


  • Twin Shield System
  • DOT approved
  • Technical fabric liner


  • Need regular cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LS2 Helmets good?

Yes, LS2 helmets are of extraordinary and exceptional quality. You will find them the best-performing and world-class helmets so far. Besides, they are high-quality and well-made. Your riding time will remain all-day comfy. The induction of an advanced visor system and the chin-bar system makes it safe to use safety gear.

Are LS2 Helmets DOT Certified?

LS2 helmets are DOT approved. They are engineered on laser-cut technology, embedded with 3D foam liners, and give the rider ultimate comfort and safety time. Apart from being DOT approved, the quick-release chinstrap guarantees a secure fit.

Are LS2 Helmets Snell Certified?

The LS2 OHM model is Snell 2015 certified and officially approved. It is a Full Face bike helmet that is ideal to be used by Super-Moto, cyclists, Stunters, and ADV riders.


So, what’s the bottom line? Get the LS2 stream helmet and share with us your views and comments. The DOT certification, quick-release chin strap, technical fabric liner, and excellent fitting make it a top-notch helmet. In addition, the aerodynamic and Kinetic Polymer-made Alloy shell and fabric comfort liners wick away moisture from your cheeks. Stay connected for more updates.