Jackson Safety Welding Helmet – (46131 Review)

Jackson safety 46131

Welding is intimidating, but it becomes thrilling when you have proper headgear in. Traditional eye goggles do not provide you with enough protection, and the danger of burning yourself always lingers. One of the best things to keep yourself protected when welding is to wear a welding helmet. You get a lot of features within the helmet that can help you do your work with precision. Amongst many welding helmets in the market, Jackson Safety 46131 is an eye-catching one due to its premium features. In this Jackson Safety 46131 review, we will discuss some of the critical factors that make this welding helmet stand out.

Let’s talk about the Jackson Safety helmet a little and its features. We like the Jackson Safety helmet because it has a comprehensive vision that provides enough clarity for you to work without lifting the hood. The shell is lightweight and made to fit around a user’s head comfortably. Your vision is not compromised, and you can also make precise cuts using a pipe measurer. A user will undoubtedly appreciate the digital controls as they are super user-friendly and convenient to use.

Jackson Safety 46131- The ultimate control

Product Overview

The Jackson Safety 46131 is a good welding helmet due to its high functionality and versatile features. It has an economical pipe measurer, which helps make a precise mark before cutting and welding. Its wider lens is the most significant factor that helps in providing the user’s optimal vision. The vision clarity through the hood is exceptional; hence, you don’t need to lift it for clarity. It helps in making a user feel safe and also works with confidence.

On the other hand, the helmet’s shell is made with delicate material making it lightweight and comfortable. It provides a great line of sight when working on narrow things. All the features, including the digital screen and sensitivity controls, are user-friendly. You don’t have to press harder to enable options as the buttons are highly responsive. Using the Jackson Safety helmet, a user gets better color recognition and control. The helmet is CSA-compliant and does a great job protecting your neck and face. Let’s have a deeper look at its features:

Key specifications

BrandJackson Safety
Item weight2 pounds 
Size1 welding helmet
Key Specifications of Jackson Safety 46131 Review

Features in detail

1. Lens performance

One of the key features that all users need in a welding helmet is a good-quality lens. The Jackson Safety helmet has a high-quality lens that helps in enhancing a user’s clarity when doing intense work. It has an excellent variety of sensitivity controls and modes to work on various projects. We like how it enables you to access shade ranges between 9 to 13. On the other hand, it has an auto-darkening filter perfect for a precise welding experience.

A welder welding the steel parts
jackson safety 46131 Review

2. Auto-darkening filter

The auto-darkening feature is one of the best, and it helps in providing significant leverage to a user. The Jackson Safety helmet works even better due to its auto-darkening filter. It has four arc modes which make its sensors even more responsive. We like the ability of the helmet to detect multiple weld arcs and start to darken on its own. The versatility of the helmet increases significantly with the auto-darkening filter. You can tackle multiple welding types such as MIG, TIG, etc. 

3. Comfort and protection

Two things that make the helmet safe and comfortable are adjustability and weight. It is incredibly comfortable to wear for long hours and does not suffocate you. You can quickly shift and adjust the durable headgear with three different position sliders. You can also raise and lower the helmet with its long crown strap, providing excellent room for adjustment. The long and narrow shape of the welding helmet is perfect for providing you with full protection against all kinds of flames. The helmet coverage extends to the neck; hence, you feel utterly confident when working. Apart from intense UV protection, you also get the best dust protection.

A welding with the welding helmet

4. Balder technology

If a product has to stand out in the competition, it must have modern technology. Jackson Safety never stays behind in adopting current technology to improve its products. Optoelectronic technology is used to make the auto-darkening feature, creating a high-quality optical filter. One of the things that optoelectronic technology does is provide unmatchable clarity. You will be able to analyze the objects from different angles. The welding and cuts would be precise; other helmets will not have this much clarity.


  • UV protection
  • Balding technology
  • Auto-darkening
  • Full protection
  • Unmatchable clarity
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Tugs at the hair when taking off

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Is a Jackson Safety helmet comfortable to wear for longer?

Yes, the Jackson Safety helmet is comfortable to wear for longer as it weighs only two pounds and doesn’t strain your neck. On the other hand, it also has a few adjustability features to suit your needs.

2. Is a Jackson Safety helmet an excellent protective gear?

Yes, we like the Jackson Safety helmet as it uses modern technology and features to provide users with great value. You can use the welding helmet for multiple things without worrying about your safety.

How much clarity does the lens provide?

The Jackson Safety helmet is known for its outstanding clarity and optimal vision. New balding technology is used in the auto-darkening effect to enhance vision further.

How Jackson Safety Helmet Works


There are a lot of welding helmets out there that claim high protection and great functionality. However, Jackson Safety helmets have been one of the best to provide unmatchable clarity and safety. In the Jackson Safety 46131 review, we shared the comfort and the technology used in the welding helmet. If you use your welding machine often, it’s time to invest in headgear. Jackson’s Safety helmet is what you are missing out on in your life.