How to Use Motorcycle Helmet Lock?


To prevent your motorcycle helmet from being stolen, you need to lock it. You can secure your bike as well as a helmet with a helmet lock to prevent thieves from getting near your motorcycle. There are different ways to use motorcycle helmet locks if you are worried about theft of your expensive helmet.

Various methods are available on how to use helmet locks, which we are about to discuss in detail in this guide. 

How can you Use a Motorcycle Helmet Lock?

Keeping your helmet secure is as vital as keeping your bike secure. Having your favorite helmet with you is a lot inconvenient since you might even lose it or possibly forget to take it after parking! Depending on the type of helmet lock you want to mount on your bike, you’ll have to learn how to use a helmet lock on a motorcycle.

Several various types of great helmet locks are hence available for securing your bike and helmet, including the following:

  • A motorcycle lock built-in
  • Using a padlock
  • Helmet lock devices
  • Gunlocks
  • Chain locks for bicycles

To secure a motorcycle helmet, you must understand both the benefits and pitfalls. We’ll explore them all individually below.

1. Using the built-in lock for motorcycle

You can lock your bike as well as a helmet to your bike with a motorcycle lock. It depends on your motorcycle model whether it has a built-in lock. Under the seat is a keyhole or a small hook for this type of lock.

Having a lock built into your bike will allow you to keep your helmet secure without worrying about it falling off.

A motorcycle helmet lock can be used by anyone who knows how to use it. The lock is easier to use as you put the helmet buckle all through and snap it shut to secure your helmet. The problem with motorcycle locks is they only fit helmets with double-shaped D-ring buckles.

A motorcycle lock will not at all work with any helmet having a different retention system. Checking the model of the bike is the first step in considering a built-in motorcycle lock.

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How to Use Helmet Lock?

2. Padlocks

Locking your bike and helmet with a padlock is an excellent way to prevent theft and loss. Locking your bike and helmet with a padlock is cheap and extra easy. A padlock hence fits anywhere on your bike!

Make sure that the padlock fits around an appropriate place if you plan to lock your bike with one. Be sure to check the size of the motorcycle padlock. You can buy padlocks in various sizes to secure various parts of your motorbike.

Padlocks are easy to use. The helmet buckle needs to be passed all through the padlock to lock the bike. Therefore, any thief will have a harder time breaking the helmet lock and stealing your bike.

3. Helmet lock devices

You can deter thieves as from coming near your bike by using a device of helmet lock. Helmet locks come with a cable that securely holds your helmet. Combination codes or keys are used to lock the helmet. The type of helmet lock you want depends on what type of helmet you want to fully secure.

It is known to be the easiest and cheapest way to easily lock your bike’s helmet. Helmet locks are small and lightweight devices.

Mount it on your bike frame or anywhere else on your motorcycle. It is simply a matter of threading the rubber-coated durable cable all through the bottom portion of your bike helmet while the visor is open to use the motorcycle helmet lock. Use a combination code or keys to lock your helmet after threading.

All helmet types work using this method, except open-faced and half-faced helmets. These models do not allow the cable to pass through. This lock is hence not suitable to fully secure a bike if you have either an open-face or a half-face helmet.

4. Gunlocks

Knowing how to easily use a helmet lock, a pistol, or a gunlock is a great tool. It depends on what part of your motorcycle you want to powerfully lock your helmet.

The lock is easy to install, as you only need to thread the lock around the bar of the chin and then attach the lock to the frame. Your bike is safe and secure after you have locked your helmet!

To avoid damaging the inner liner of your helmet, it is best to completely avoid resting your bike’s helmet near the gas tank. Gunlocks have the disadvantage that they are short-lived and are not reliable for securing your helmet. Before considering a gunlock, knowing where you actually want your helmet to be secured on your bike is necessary.

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How to Use Helmet Lock?

5. Bicycle Chain Locks

Using a bike chain lock to lock your helmet is the best and great way to keep it secure. Using a bicycle chain lock, you can keep your favorite helmet and bike safely locked up.

The thief will have a harder time breaking into your helmet lock that way. It is easier to fully lock your helmet at the cleaner spot with a chain lock due to the extended length of the chain.

You need to pass your helmet bottom through the motorcycle frame and lock it in place. Thanks to its powerful construction, the chain lock protects your bike from being lifted by a thief. Using a bicycle chain durable lock is a disadvantage since it is oversized and might not fit under your seat.

Make sure you lock your helmet safely by learning how to use motorcycle helmet locks!


There are a variety of bike locks you can choose from to keep your bike safe. Every helmet lock has its advantages and disadvantages and instructions on how to use it. The helmet must be securely fastened to the motorcycle. A thief cannot take your helmet if he comes near your bike! You can find guides on how to use motorcycle helmet locks here.

Make sure to park your motorcycle in an appropriate area. A lock should secure properly at a specific point on your bike to ensure its safety. It would help if you considered where you want to attach your lock to prevent the thief from luring your bike and helmet. The thief will have difficulty breaking the lock this way.