How To Clean A Welding Helmet | 5 Mins Only

how to clean a welding helmet

Welding helmets are an expensive thing that protects you from the bright flashes of a welding arc and also the sparks that come towards your face. To give you clear vision while welding, you must clean the sparks that are on the welding helmet. However, maintaining the cleanliness of the welding helmet is a good habit.

The major reason for cleaning the helmet is the dust, fumes, and debris which compromises the functioning of your welding helmet. The major points are given by following these: you can keep your welding helmet safe.

Why You Need To Clean A Welding Helmet

The ways of using your welding helmet are very important. Like how you use it, But you have to keep it in mind that you should keep your welding helmet from all types of contaminations.

When the slide or shade is blurred, you can’t see through it properly. You could be done with it in a way damaging the sensitive parts of your body just as your face or eyes.

How to clean a welding helmet
Clean a Welding Helmet

There will come a point in which you are at the stage of replacing the parts of your welding helmet which will cost you high prices if you don’t look after your helmet properly.

1. How To Clean The Lens

The lens is the most important part of the vision for your welding helmet you must keep it clean after every use. First of all, see through the lens if it has a clear view or not because the lens is the part on which most of the dirt or contaminations start sticking on it which makes it awful for the person.

There are some steps that you must follow to keep the lens clean:

1. Remove the lens

Some people use screwdrivers in order to detach it. Or You can simply pull it off from your welding helmet with just a little force from your hands.

2. Clean it with Lens Solution

Use a smooth clean cloth to wipe away the dust and remove some spots which are on it gently. Use a spray can to spray the lens solution on it and use another clean cloth to remove the scratches gently that is causing the lens to look awkward or some sort of visionless

3. Replace the helmet and store it

Put the nice cleaned lens in the helmet cover and use a screwdriver to attach it properly to the helmet.

2. Use Compressed Air

Compressed air is an important asset in polishing or cleaning the equipment where you can’t get access with a surety of full safety. It makes the task of polishing the dust much easier for you where dust is very hard to remove.

To use the compressed air, your helmet must be switched off and unplugged. This is a safety measure to provide protection to the mechanism of your welding helmet.

First of all, wipe away the dust which is on your helmet with the help of a tiny cloth. Pick your compressed air canister or duster with the nozzle added to it and aim at your helmet. Start spraying 2 to 3 bursts on your helmet but not too much. This is the best way to utilize air pressure.

3. Use Helmet Cleaner Chemical

Use helmet cleaner chemicals after cleaning the dust on the helmet. A helmet cleaner chemical works like a grease remover to clean the grease spots without leaving any spots on them.

To use the cleaning chemical, add a few drops to the helmet and rub it with a soft cloth. Be assured to not leave any area without using proper cloth on it.

Clean a Welding Helmet

4. Disinfect The Helmet

Disinfectants are chemicals that are made for the bacteria to completely remove them from the places you want to remove them.

The helmet is a thing that you put on your head all the time while working. You have to disinfect the parts of the helmet where your face interacts the most

5. Dry The Helmet

Dry before storing it in a place, because drying the helmet before use will wipe away the water droplets on the helmet and provide your helmet with cleanliness.

6. Store The Helmet Properly

Provide proper storage to your helmet to keep your helmet in a proper shape for long time use. Here are some ways by which you can use for storage:

  • You can keep your helmet in a welding bag
  • Do not place where sunlight or high heat is, all the time
  • Place it where there are fewer chances of falling down

7. Protect The Electronics

If you are using a costly auto-darkening welding helmet, follow some extra precautions to protect the electronic materials.

Shut the power down of the helmet. Remove the batteries from the helmet and do not touch anything which can cause power wastage.

Make sure to use specific types of water cleaners that are exactly made for welding helmets. Do not use harsh chemicals.


A Welding helmet is a thing that provides your face full protection. You have to keep it clean to use it for a long time. Ensure that all the electronic parts are protected while cleaning them. After cleaning, store it in a safe place.