Snowmobile Helmet – How Often It Should Be Replaced?

Whenever we talk about helmets, then comfort and style come to our minds, but it is also true that we can not deny the fact that helmets ensure safety too. Whether it is a bike helmet, welding helmet, or snowmobile helmet, every helmet needs to be replaced after some time. For this, you must be sure that the helmet is in that state at which you should plan to purchase a new one. 

Whatever the product you buy, you always look forward to the upgraded version so that you can enjoy a new look and advanced features. The same is the case with snowmobile helmets. But people ask how often should your snowmobile helmet be replaced? The answer is pretty straightforward because when you find any crack or scratch on the helmet screen, then you should buy another one. 

Let’s move ahead towards the explanation of this statement!

The Structure of Snowmobile Helmet

Helmets are the most important because they act as a first defense line against severe accidental injuries and, no doubt, to ensure the safety of their structure matters a lot. Let’s have a glance at the anatomy of the snowmobile helmet that will also help you detect when you have to replace the helmet!

  •  Hard Covering – Outer Shell 

The outer shell of the snowmobile helmet is a hard covering composed of carbon fiber, kevlar, or fiberglass, and this hard shell prevents you from the pointed injurious things.  

  •  Chin Strap – Retention System 

The nylon chin straps are also known as the retention system that helps position the helmet on the head of the rider. 

  • Expanded Polystyrene Liner 

To give more comfort to the rider, the EPS liner or the expanded polystyrene liner is located beneath the hard covering of the helmet.

A person with the snowboarder
  •  Comfort Liner

Comfort liner or the EPS foam layer is a leather or cloth comfort liner pad that is located on the rear part of the snowmobile helmet.

If you find any ambiguity and abnormality in the anatomy of the helmet, simply replace it!

When Should You Replace the Snowmobile Helmet?

The snowmobile helmet has a manufacturing date that depicts its replacement tenure. Most manufacturer companies suggest replacing the snowmobile helmet in a 3 to 5 year period; even if you do not find any crack or scratch on the helmet, you can avoid the possible life-threatening injuries. And the helmets are so much significant in a country like the United States then you must be very sure that you are using a safety approval label from the Department of Transportation. 

So here are some signs that depict that you should replace your snowmobile helmet now!

1. Observe Your Chin Strap or Comfort Padding 

The snowmobile helmet, just like the other helmets, for example, bike helmets, should perfectly fit your head so that you can avoid any type of risk and possible damage; that is why you must be very sure that the chin strap or the retention system and the comfort padding of the helmet should not be loose otherwise the helmet will not retain in its position on your head. It should be replaced as soon as possible. 

2. Check the Helmet If It has Subjected to Heavy Impact 

The heavy impact may damage the functionality of your helmet that is why it will not give you the technological protection to your skull, and it will become worthless; that is why you must be sure that your snowmobile helmet should not only be perfect apparently but should also be functionally perfect if it is not then to purchase a new one is mandatory.

3. Remember the Manufacturing Date 

Generally, the snowmobile helmets last up to 3 to 5 years, all depending on the rider’s use. If you are using the helmet frequently, it will last for three years. Still, suppose you are not using it frequently. In that case, it may last up to 5 years maximum, so you should remember the manufacturing date of the helmet so that you can estimate its expiry date and get a new snowmobile helmet accordingly. 

4. Check the Indentation in Expanded Polystyrene Liner

The subtle Indentation in the extended polystyrene liner is the sign that you must change the helmet as soon as possible to avoid serious head injuries.

A high jump of snowboarders

5. Check the Visible Signs of Degradation 

You should not only notice the technical faults of the helmet, but the visible parts of the helmets show the sign to replace it instantly. Not only do the heavy impacts damage the helmet, but the cosmetics, perfumes, body fluids, and many more like that degrade the original quality of the product by breaking down the elements of the helmet so you will never get the desired level of protection from it. 

Benefits of Snowmobile Helmets

  • When you are riding in a place where there is much noise around, the snowmobile helmets will protect you, especially your head, from the tree branches. 
  • The face shield of the snowmobile has a double lens that helps resist the effect of fog when you are riding in the cold with the assistance of the built-in defroster; the fogging can be resisted. 
  • To prevent fogging, you can up or down the vent of the snowmobile helmet according to your need. 
  • The snowmobile helmet’s foam liner is amazing because it helps you in flotation if you fall into the freezing water, besides giving insulation to your body and brain. 

Final Thoughts 

Snowmobile helmets are very important if you are riding from the cold; they prevent your face and head from getting severe damages and injuries. Still, they are functionally designed to last up to three to five years maximum, and after this period, you must plan to get a new snowmobile helmet that fulfills your needs and riding desires. 

You must be very careful about the anatomy of the helmet and make sure that the helmet fits snugly and fasten securely and does not feel loose so that you can make yourself ready to go. Hopefully, it has been cleared; how often should your snowmobile helmet be replaced? Replace your helmet and explore the world!

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