Best Welding Helmets 2023 – (Affordable)

Best Welding Helmets

Are you a welder and are afraid of welding metal? No doubt it is the most challenging task to handle the metal, especially while fixing the appliances and fabrication of hot rods, because you may get unrepairable damages. As a solution to this, welding helmets are introduced into the market. It makes the job convenient as well as safer as they are equipped with high technological features.

Being a welder, it would be the most significant thing to protect yourself from harmful rays like UV rays that cause serious eye damage so that you can work for longer with a welding helmet. As a perfect partner for welding work, you can easily get a welding helmet from the market. But there is a wide variety of helmets that may confuse you when picking a single and the best helmet of all. And choosing the right one is mandatory; otherwise, the wrong helmet would be the ultimate result of pain.

Here in this article, we have a closer look at the 10 best welding helmets and an explanation of their features along with the pros and cons that will surely make your decision easier. Let’s have a look at them without wasting a second. Scroll ahead!

Comparison Table

NamesItem WeightViewing AreaPrice
Lincoln Viking 33503 lbs12.5”Check Price
Esab SENTINEL A501.7 lbs9.27 square inchesCheck Price
Antra AH2601 lb3.86″ x1.73″Check Price
Hobart 770890 Inventor1.25 lbs9.3 square inchesCheck Price
3M Speedglas 9100xx1 lb2.1″ × 4.2”Check Price
DEKOPRO Auto Darkening0.6 lbs7 Square inchesCheck Price
YESWELDER M800 HP2.2 lbs3.93″X3.66″Check Price
Miller Digital Infinity2.99 lbs13.4 square inchesCheck Price
Jackson Safety Insight 461312 lbs3.94″ x 2.36″Check Price
Optrel Crystal 2.01.72 lbs3.94″ L x 1.97″ WCheck Price
Comparison Table for our Top Picks

List of 10 Best Welding Helmets

  1. Lincoln Viking 3350
  2. Esab SENTINEL A50
  3. Antra AH260
  4. Hobart 770890 Inventor
  5. 3M Speedglas 9100xx
  6. DEKOPRO Auto Darkening
  8. Miller Digital Infinity
  9. Jackson Safety Insight 46131
  10. Optrel Crystal 2.0

1. Lincoln Viking 3350

(Best 4C Lens Technology Helmet)

Lincoln Viking 3350
  • If you are searching for an auto-darkening lens welding helmet that not only offers you protection but also gives you the most comfortable working hours with its lightweight and perfect fit, then here we are presenting you the top pick of customers, which is the Lincoln Viking 3350!

This 3 lbs weighted welding helmet has the clearest view of the puddle and arc with the help of 4C lens technology. This welding helmet consists of a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating that ensures its quality performance for enhanced clarity and improved observation. This highly comfortable and easy-to-adjust protective helmet has a lithium-ion battery that acts as a strong power source. With its 12.5 inches viewing area, it is considered ideal for all types of purposes.

Moreover, this helmet is easier to adjust as compared to ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel A50. For superior outdoor performance, it has a 5-13 auto-darkening shade range that is perfect for fabricating all types of appliances. It contains a low-profile external grind button that has a convenient transition between the grind and weld modes to enhance productivity. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!


  • 12.5” viewing area 
  • 3 lbs weight
  • 5-13 auto-darkening shades 
  • Extra-large lens 
  • 3-year warranty 


  • Small battery timing

2. Esab SENTINEL A50

(Best Durable Welding Helmet for Professionals and Novices)

  • If you have been working in the welding industry for years or have just joined in, you need a helmet that will protect your body from aches and irritation and won’t let you feel drained or lethargic. Start again with Esab SENTINEL A50, which is best for both beginners and professionals! 

The 9.27 square inches of the viewing area is best suited for welders who adore vivid images of everything around them during their work. The outer shell of Esab SENTINEL A50 is made from the best quality nylon, which makes it more enduring and long-lasting, so it is the best choice for welders who don’t want to invest money in the purchase of such items time and again. 

In comparison to DEKOPRO Auto Darkening helmets, these helmets are quite expensive and heavier. Their bulky nature is a sign that they may result in headaches if you use them straight for long periods. The shell comes in dark black, which makes it look more heartwarming and luxurious. Don’t wait. Go to Amazon, check out the product description and reviews, and then add this to your buying cart! 


  • Viewing Area: 9.27 square inches
  • Bodyweight: 1.7 pounds
  • Durable
  • Stable


  • Quite expensive 

3. Antra AH260

(Best Lightweight Welding Helmet)

Antra AH260
  • If you want some extra protection from metal with the help of your welding helmet, then here is a super lightweight helmet with full coverage of your neck and face along with comfort and convenience, named Antra AH 260!

This incredible welding helmet has a double-layered auto-dimming LCD shutter with full-face and neck coverage. With its total weight of 1 lb, it has crossed the level of Lincoln Viking 3350 because it is perfect to wear for long working sessions. It has a viewing area of 3.86″ x1.73″ and an optical class of 1/1 1/2 with a 4.33″ x 3.54″ x 0.35″ cartridge size, so you can say it exhibits an ideal area. It has solar cells as a power source, and it also requires lithium-ion batteries, which guarantee that you will never have to stop your work due to the battery. 

In addition to this, the helmet can be used for various purposes like cutting, grinding, and welding. It has a protective shield that obstructs all types of harmful rays like UV and IR to reduce the risk of damage. Go and grab yours!


  • 1 lb weight 
  • 3.86″ x1.73″ viewing area 
  • Adjustable sensitivity 
  • Nylon material


  • Not good for heavy industrial appliances

4. Hobart 770890 Inventor

(Best Helmets for Beginners)

Hobart 770890 Inventor
  • If you have just started your welding journey and are concerned about your delicate eyes, then stop getting nervous and anxious and start working with Hobart 770890 Inventor welding helmet, as it is one of the most comfortable, lightweight, and affordable welding helmets! 

These helmets are loaded with grinding mode, which is lucrative when it comes to maintaining lighting during grinding plus these helmets have a viewing area wider enough for clearly seeing the little details during and after the completion of welding. The body size of these helmets is relatively moderate, which means that extensive usage of these helmets won’t lead to sensation of pain in the head and eyes.  Hobart 770890 Inventor helmets come in an affordable range compared to Optrel Crystal 2.0 helmets and other similar items. Another best thing about

Hobart 770890 Inventor helmets that the lens comes with 2 years warranty which means that you can simply ask the company to change the lens if the previous one is not functioning optimally. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grab it now! 


  • Bodyweight: 1.25 pounds
  • Viewing Area: 9.3 square inches 
  • Comes in an affordable range
  • Go light on the head and eyes 


  • May experience flickering when working under the sun 

5. 3M Speedglas 9100xx

(Best Standard-Sized Helmet)

3M Speedglas 9100xx
  • If you are searching for a welding helmet with more versatile working that can fit exactly with your personalized preferences with its improved optical system, then here is the most demanding highly technologically featured welding helmet, which is 3 M Speedglas 9100xx!

This amazingly perfect welding helmet has a special place in the customer’s heart. It gives a more realistic and natural look to the color with a more accurate contrast that enhances the focus of the work. This 1 lb weighted helmet is lighter in weight as compared to the ESAB Sentinel A50. This ergonomically designed and highly adjustable helmet is most suitable for strenuous working hours as it fits with no stress with the help of two adjustable crown straps. With a 2.1″ × 4.2” viewing area, it is considered ideal for working and offers fast and easy access as it has externally controlled grinding and memory modes. 

Moreover, this newly comfortable headgear has sensitivity adjustment. This welding helmet is highly recommended for occupational or industrial purposes. The screen has three sensors with a variable lens control between 5-13 shades. Shop yours!


  • 2800 hours working battery 
  • 1 lb weight 
  • 2.1″ × 4.2” viewing area
  • Peripheral vision 


  • Only for industrial purposes

6. DEKOPRO Auto Darkening

(Best Auto Darkening Helmet for Professionals) 

DEKOPRO Auto Darkening
  • If you are interested in a type of helmet that will lessen the burden on the eyes and won’t make you feel overstressed and drained out, then start your new journey with DEKOPRO Auto Darkening helmets! 

The best thing about DEKOPRO Auto Darkening is that it provides maximum protection to the eyes, which is the utmost concern of welders when investing money in welding helmets. The transition between light and dark mode takes place in 1/25000 seconds. Diversification in luminous transmittance, diffusion of light, angular dependence, and standardized 3.85″ × 3.15″ viewing area permit the welders to inspect the process from different angles thoroughly. 

DEKOPRO Auto Darkening helmets are equipped with headgear so that welders won’t get exhausted, uncomfortable, and drained after doing work for hours. In comparison to Miller Digital Infinity helmets, these helmets are more comfortable and lightweight. The incorporation of a battery that is operated through a solar panel system allows you to become tension free as one can use it for 5000 hours with a single charge. For making your long working hours stress-free, order it now! 


  • Does not irritate the eyes
  • Viewing Area: 7 Square inches
  • Bodyweight: 0.6 pounds (9.6 ounces) 
  • Highly stable and comfortable 


  • Not a good thing for beginners 


(Best 4 Arc Sensor Welding Helmet) 

YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening
  • If you are searching for a welding helmet that is super light in weight and gives better clarity with ultimate comfort in a very affordable range, then you can find this all in YESWELDER M800 HP!

This incredibly perfect welding helmet is highly versatile as it can efficiently help in welding, cutting, and grinding. It has headgear with an oversized cushion that gives ultimate comfort as well as support and fitting. With a wide view screen and large viewing area of 3.93″X3.66″, it maximizes the area for observing and focusing with its true color technology. Unlike the Antra AH 260 helmet, which requires 2 lithium-ion batteries, it needs only one. For improved protection, it has shade 16 which passively protects the eyes from infrared and ultraviolet rays. It exhibits 2.2 lbs weight which is why you will never feel a burden on your head, and it perfectly fits on the skull as well. 

Furthermore, it gives a real color view with a 1-1 1-2 optical clarity rating by reducing the lime green light. It has a step-less sensitivity control and great battery life. Do not waste your time scrolling, and get one for yourself!


  • 2.2 lbs weight 
  • 3.93″X3.66″ viewing area 
  • Delay control 
  • Better clarity 


  • Helmet is sleek 

8. Miller Digital Infinity

(Most Versatile Welding Helmet) 

Miller Digital Infinity
  • If you are thinking about adding precision and comfort to your work, then stop getting overwhelmed and try one of the most versatile welding helmets called Miller Digital Infinity, as it is considered to be the best helmet when it comes to the viewing area. 

The best thing about Miller Digital Infinity is that its viewing area is roughly 13.4 square inches wide which means that one has maximum space for viewing the ongoing work. Plus, this helmet comes with advanced gears and adjustable lenses so that welders can make desirable adjustments. The incorporation of advanced lenses allows the welders to vividly inspect things during the welding mechanism. 

Compared to Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmets, this helmet is heavy, which means that wearing it for longer periods may cause headaches and make you feel overwhelmed or pressurized. However, this helmet’s price is reasonable compared to other helmets of the same category. Purchase your helmet and make your tough job comfortable and easy! 


  • Bodyweight: 2.99 pounds
  • Viewing Area: 13.4 square inches
  • Advanced headgear for making desirable adjustments
  • Made from durable plastic 


  • May cause irritation in the eyes
  • May cause headaches if used extensively  

9. Jackson Safety Insight 46131 

(Best Digitally Controlled Welding Helmet)

Jackson Safety Insight 46131
  • If your job is to weld the pipes, but you are afraid of cutting and welding the edges of the pipe, then there is a crowd-favorite welding helmet for you that will surely give you ultimate protection and is known as Jackson Safety Insight 46131!

This highly tested and high-quality welding helmet has sensitivity and delays adjustments to manage various tasks and durations with variable shades from 9-13. This 2 lbs weighted helmet has a wide viewing area of 3.94″ x 2.36″ that provides an unobstructed view and clear optical vision. The welders can observe the colors more accurately and use them for a wide range of purposes as it allows the welders to use this face mask for ARC, MIG, STICK, and TIG. This advanced technologically featured helmet has a 1/1 1/1 optical rating and has two functional modes, i.e., weld and grind. 

Moreover, the helmet offers a fast and easy grip and is perfectly suitable to wear for longer hours because of its superior comfort. It has 4 arc sensors, while Jackson 46157 has 2. So what could be more impressive than this!


  • 2 lbs weight
  • 3.94″ x 2.36″ viewing area 
  • 4 arc sensors
  • 1/15,000 switching speed 


  • Heavyweight

10. Optrel Crystal 2.0

(Best Lightweight Welding Helmet with Crystal Lens 2.0 Technology) 

Optrel Crystal 2.0
  • If you intend to gift your welder friend a gift that will facilitate his working experience, then surprise him with a remarkable Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet! 

Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmet is equipped with the latest Crystal Lens 2.0 technology that permits the welder to vividly inspect the things at hand before and after the welding mechanism. These welding helmets are medium-sized, so they go light on the head, meaning that you won’t experience any symptoms of headache if you wear them for long working hours. In comparison to other welding helmets, these helmets are quite pricey but come in the best quality. 

Autopilot mode adjusted between 4 to 12 facilitates the automatic conversion of brightness and focus according to the requirements. To lessen the pressure on the eyes, one can activate the twilight mode. The best feature of this helmet is that it provides the welder with the authority to alter the lens according to the surroundings meaning that the welder can change the lens when working outdoors or during the night accordingly. Surprise your welder friend with this incredible helmet today! 


  • Bodyweight: 1.72 pounds
  • Comfortable 
  • Does not cause pressure on the eyes or skull 
  • Viewing Area: 3.94″ L x 1.97″ W


  • Quite pricey

How to Choose Welding Helmets – Buying Guide?

Safety is the first and foremost thing to consider while welding because tackling the hot steel rods and fixing the electric appliances is not as easy as it looks a welder has to put in a lot of effort, and he also puts his life at stake. A quality welding helmet should be used to protect yourself from the severe skin and eye damage that may cause the loss of your eyesight. The question arises here: ‘What are the main features we must notice while purchasing a welding helmet?’

Give read of this buying guide and explore what should be kept in mind while choosing a welding helmet. Move ahead!

1. Viewing Area

The viewing area is one of those features that should be placed at the top while enlisting the features. Viewing the area of a welding helmet depicts the area from where a welder observes his task. If a welding helmet has an inappropriate viewing area, then a welder will definitely not be able to see things properly, so the viewing area must be 4″ × 3″, which is considered large and is perfect to work at restricted sites. And 3.5” × 1.75” is considered a small viewing area, so a viewing area of more than 2 inches is preferable, and the remaining depends on your needs.

2. Arc Sensors

Arc sensors are another important consideration of a welding helmet because it detects the flashes coming out of the metal and protects your eyes from getting damaged by darkening the helmet with the help of sensors. An advanced and expensive welding helmet contains 3 or 4 sensors, while an inexpensive one has 2 or fewer.

3. Shading Range of Lens

A welding helmet with a wide range of shades is preferable compared to a welding helmet with fewer shades because more shades will give more flexibility to deal with the applications. If you are dealing with low amperages, then 6-13 shade is suggested; otherwise, a normal 9-13 shade is considered good.

4. Power Source

A power source welding helmet is important to notice when getting a welding helmet because a low-quality power source may cause a hurdle in work. Most welding helmets have a solar power source, and some have Lithium-ion batteries, and there are helmets that contain both types of sources which ultimately increase the battery life, and you do not have to depend on a single source. The helmets with solar power sources are the most preferable because you do not have to charge like the other battery sources. Helmets with replaceable batteries are also considered good.

5. Weight

A well-adjusted helmet with a lightweight is ideal for welding. A heavyweight helmet may distract you from your work and will be a burden on your shoulders that may cause strain and ultimately reduce your working hours. So always try to get a comfortable padded lightweight helmet.

6. Air Fed

Air fed is the air supply to the welder with the help of a tube instead of wearing a respirator, especially if you are working with fumes in a low-ventilated area. The welding helmets with the air-fed system are generally called PAPR welding helmets.

How to Choose Best Welding Helmets – Video Guide


Welding helmets are mandatory to use while welding the metal. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are now mentally prepared to buy a welding helmet that exactly matches your needs. The upper illustrated reviews and features are highly tested, and you can surely consider them while purchasing. After securing your decision on the right helmet, it’s time to make your pick for a welding helmet for yourself. Get one, and let us know about your experience in the comment section as we honor your feedback. Put a spark to the steel and make your welding experience the safest of your life. Good Luck!