10 Best Triathlon Helmets – (Beginner Guide)

Best Triathlon Helmets

So are you interested in taking part in the next triathlon championship and want to become the annual triathlon world champion? Gear up your safety first because, without safety, you can never get your desired level. For ultimate safety and protection, a triathlon helmet is a first and foremost recommendation!

And when we talk about a quality triathlon helmet, then the multi-sport athletes have plenty of options that are even not worth it as a triathlon ride is not like a regular road ride. So the triathlon helmets are different from the regular helmets because they are aero in shape to keep the speed of the rider fast and have other distinctive features as well that ensures the safety of the rider in case of any accidental situation.

To help you out in picking the best triathlon helmet for your upcoming competition, we have compiled the 10 best triathlon helmets for you, along with a description of their features and the advantages and disadvantages you can get from them. Every triathlete has different choices according to their level of skills, so you can check the features to select a triathlon helmet of yours.

Let’s scroll ahead to dive into the details of each helmet without further ado!

1. Giro Syntax MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

(Best Fit Triathlon Helmet)

This perfectly designed triathlon cycling helmet has a polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam liner that gives enough padding to protect your skull in any case of an accident. The inner expanded polystyrene material makes it lighter in weight as it is just 0.6 lbs which is too perfect to wear. This triathlon helmet is lighter than Giro Vanquish MIPS, which is 1.32 lbs in weight. This highly trusted and market-leading cycling helmet consists of an easily adjusted vertical position and a Roc Loc 5 fit system that makes it exceptionally stable and amazingly balanced. 

Moreover, to make this helmet highly breathable, the manufacturer has offered 25 tunnel vents that act as perfect air channels. The helmet has a multi-directional impact protection system that reduces the chances of crashes to a minimum with the help of rotational forces. So what are you waiting for!


  • 5 MIPS retention system
  • 25 wind channels
  • Highly comfortable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Affordable


  • Glasses are hard to wear 

2. POC, Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet 

(Best Triathlon Helmet for Round Head Racers) 

The best thing about this triathlon helmet is that it comes with the incorporation of 5 ventilation channels that ensure the racers are fully protected and safe. Plus, the composition of the helmet does not increase the weight of the helmet to an unimaginable extent which means that one can readily wear the helmet for a racing competition without becoming vulnerable to headaches. 

In comparison to Rockbros Bike Helmets, these helmets are more secure to wear for extensive competitions and are much more comfortable. This small-sized helmet is best for racers with round heads, which implies that people with bulky heads or elongated must not try it as it will destroy their race and lessen their chances of winning the game. Don’t forget to buy it today! 


  • More comfortable and secure
  • Lightweight
  • Luxurious shell design 
  • Beginners friendly 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Made from poor-quality material 
  • Not suited for triangular heads

3. Giro Vanquish MIPS Adult Welding Helmet

(Best Small-Sized Triathlon Helmet)

The helmet’s highly demanding aerodynamic style makes it the favorite among all the riders because it helps the rider enjoy an extra edge in the competition with its transform air technology that improves efficiency by reducing drag. You can call its shape a plus point over Giro Syntax. To give extra protection to the head, this small-sized helmet has a MIPS brain protection system with a Roc Loc 5 retention system that ensures the safety of the skull. The vivid shield of the helmet makes it more suitable to use as it gives a true-color view to the eyes and improves optical clarity. 

Furthermore, the helmet contains 10 airflow vents that keep the head sweat-free and cool. It has an easily-adjustable vertical position that helps the rider in fitting over the head properly. Now grab yours!


  • Inner polystyrene material 
  • Outer polycarbonate material 
  • Roc loc 5 air fit system 
  • Works with glasses 


  • Fewer air tunnels 

4. ROCKBROS Road Bike Helmet 

(Best Triathlon Helmet for Ventilation) 

The best thing about this triathlon helmet is that it comes with anti-microbial pads, which are washable, environment-friendly, and comfortable. Plus, the pad does not cause a peculiar smell when washed. Additionally, the pad provides full protection to the chin, which is significant in case of accidents. Aerodynamic efficiency is maximized by the presence of a teardrop shape so that the maximum amount of air molecules would flow in and out without facing resistance. 

In comparison to POC, Omne Spin Air Bike Helmet, this helmet is more breathable and affordable. Additional protection and endurance to the helmet are provided by the manipulation of a sturdy PC shell loaded with Integral Moulding Technology and Multi-Density EPS. Another great thing about this triathlon helmet is that it comes with adjustable straps so that racers can adjust the helmet according to their head size. Pay farewell to your day by placing your order today! 


  • Unique adjustable system for different head sizes
  • Anti-microbial pad
  • Has a better ventilation system 
  • Magnetic fastener for convenience and comfort 


  • Doesn’t last long 

5. Rudy Project Cycling Helmet – Spectrum

(Best Large-Sized Triathlon Helmet)

This highly anticipated triathlon cycling helmet has an in-mold technology as it is externally made of polycarbonate material, and its inner lining is of expandable polystyrene material that makes it super comfy and safe. This 0.5 lbs weighted triathlon helmet is preferable to Giro Vanquish, which is 1.32 lbs in weight. This large-sized triathlon helmet has a washable padding system and a bug stop, which is easy to use. It consists of 15 oversized ventilating channels that maximize the flow of air and keep the head cool and dry. It gives the proper adjustment to the head by maintaining the appropriate balance with the help of divided pro side bucks and an adjustable RSR 10 retention system.

In addition to this, it is a perfect choice for riders with a round head because of its unique structure and it maximizes the performance with its aero shape. So what could be more perfect than this!


  • 15 large vents 
  • Adjustable retention system 
  • Optimal fit 
  • Interchangeable padding


  • No MIPS option 

6. LASER Tardiz 2 Triathlon Bike Helmet

(Best Triathlon Helmet for Speed)


The most important thing that matters in racing competitions is speed- speed decides if you will win or lose the game, and Laser Tardiz 2 Triathlon Bike Helmets provide maximum speed during competitions. Plus, this helmet has a dimpled tail and tear-shaped head so maximum air can pass through. Another exciting thing about this helmet is that it comes with good quality pads that are detachable, absorb maximum sweat, and make sure that you are comfortable. 

In comparison to RockBros Road Bike Helmet, this triathlon helmet is best suited for racers with small heads. Triathletes with oversized heads would struggle with comfort and fitness throughout the race. This convenient helmet is equipped with a cap that absorbs an extra amount of water so that your head doesn’t become overheated during high-speed races, as overheating may cause discomfort and irritability. To make your competition adventurous, grab this helmet for yourself as soon as possible! 


  • Comes with a water-absorbing cap 
  • Adjustable straps for more convenience 
  • Breathable 
  • Comfortable and convenient


  • Not a good option for beginners 

7. Kask Protone Helmet

(Best Certified Triathlon Helmet)

This highly slim and compactly designed helmet has a polycarbonate outer material, making it super light in weight as it is just 1.4 lbs. With its in-molding technology, it has an inner polystyrene lining that covers the top and base of the helmet. The helmet has multi-layered padding with a Coolmax material that keeps the inside of the helmet cool and the head of the rider dry. With its wide tunnel, it maximizes the airflow and consists of an anti-bacterial sanitized process that keeps the helmet fresh and makes its use long-lasting. It contains an octo-fit head retention system that enhances its adjustability and stability. This small-sized helmet has an aero shape that improves the overall performance of the rider by boosting speed. With its 20 vents, it is superior to Rudy, which has only 15.

Moreover, it meets all the United States Safety Standards, which is why perfect to use for ultimate protection and safety. Shop one for yourself!


  • 20 vents 
  • Octo fit 
  • In molding 
  • Slim design


  • Lack of MIPS 

8. Giro Savant Adult Road Cycling Helmet

(Best Triathlon Cycling Helmet for Adults) 

The best thing about this helmet is that it is extremely lightweight, implying that triathletes won’t find it difficult to deal with and wear for extensive racing competitions. Plus, the external design of this helmet is alluring to watch and comfortable to wear. Luxurious shell design and color patterns enhance the self-belief and confidence of the individual racers. The external component of the helmet is made from polycarbonate, which makes the life of the helmet long. 

In comparison to LASER Tardiz 2 Triathlon Bike Helmet, this helmet is more comfortable, convenient, and ventilated. Traditional helmets do not allow the proper passage of air, due to which racers become uncomfortable during the competition. Racers won’t face the same problem with this helmet. Before going to sleep, make sure you add this helmet to your buying list! 


  • Ventilated 
  • Breathable 
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • External body made from polycarbonate


  • Not a good choice for young triathletes 
  • Not a good choice for beginners

9. Smith Optics Ignite MIPS

(Best Warrantied Triathlon Helmet)

Although finding the right aero helmet is challenging, this highly demanding helmet meets all the standards of CPSC and is a perfect cycling helmet for adults up to the age of 5 and older. The inner expanded polystyrene lining and the outer polycarbonate material make it extraordinarily light in weight and stable to wear. It gives protection from rotational forces with the help of its MIPS technology. It contains sleek aesthetic pairs that keep the head cool and dry. To improve the fit, it exhibits a vapor fit adjustment system. 

Moreover, this 0.7 lbs weighted triathlon helmet has more preference than KaskProtone, which is 1.4 lbs in weight. It has 8 vents that maximize the airflow to keep the head sweat-free. Don’t waste your time scrolling, and get your triathlon helmet now!


  • Vapour fit adjustment 
  • Lightweight 
  • Aerodynamics 
  • In-mould construction


  • Less ventilation 

10. SLS3 Triathlon Helmet

(Most Suited Triathlon Helmet for Cycling)

If you are looking for the most convenient and ventilated triathlon helmet for yourself, then you must give SLS3 Triathlon Helmet a sincere try as it is one of the most breathable triathlon helmets! 

The best thing about this triathlon helmet is that it comes with a Magnetically Fastened Shield which ensures that the competitors and triathletes are well protected from the invasion of ultraviolet radiation. Thus, racers whose eyes are sensitive to such radiation can make it their ultimate choice. For maintaining optimal airflow and diminished resistance to air molecules, this helmet contains 8 ventilation chambers in total – 4 on the back and 4 in the front. 

In comparison to other aero helmets, this helmet is more convenient to use because of its lightweight design. This helmet is designed in a way that the inner area of the helmet is kept soft and the outer area is hard, which signifies that maximum protection is provided against abrasion and friction during unpleasant incidents. To make your competition fun-packed, make this helmet your priority! 


  • 8 high-quality ventilation chambers for maintaining optimal airflow
  • Visor for protection against UV light
  • Lightweight 
  • Comes at affordable prices


  • Not a good choice for novice racers

Comparison Table

NameItem WeightItem SizePrice
Giro Syntax MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet0.6 lbs   MediumCheck Price
POC, Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet0.64 lbsSmallCheck Price
Giro Vanquish MIPS Helmet1.32 lbs Small  Check Price
ROCKBROS Road Bike Helmet0.57lbsLargeCheck Price
Rudy Project Cycling Helmet – Spectrum0.5 lbs   LargeCheck Price
LAZER Tardiz 2 Triathalon Bike Helmet0.7 lbsSmallCheck Price
Kask Protone Helmet1.4 lbsSmallCheck Price
Giro Savant Adult Road Cycling Helmet0.2 lbsMediumCheck Price
Smith Optics Ignite MIPS0.7 lbs SmallCheck Price
SLS3 Triathlon Helmet0.6 lbsMediumCheck Price

Best Triathlon Helmets – Buying Guide

Buying a triathlon helmet is one of the most daunting tasks a triathlete should face, especially when he has no idea about the specifications that must be a part of a quality triathlon helmet. Although all helmets are protective, a triathlon helmet offers exceptional safety and protection to the rider. But it is also a fact that pinpointing the best helmet for yourself is not as easy as it sounds. So we have written a guide for you that will assist you in considering the crucial points while purchasing the best triathlon helmet. Move ahead to explore them!

1. Size

Size is one of those factors on which the other factors depend, like fit and comfort, etc. The size of a triathlon helmet must be according to the head size of the rider because a helmet with a large size will not maintain the balance on the head and will not provide you with the safety required during the competition or practice sessions. And a helmet having small size is unsuitable because it will block the blood flow by tightening the head and ultimately will result in a severe headache. So always try the helmet once before purchasing. One interesting fact about the large triathlon helmet is that you can use them by wearing a cap under the helmet.

2. Ventilation

Ventilation and safety go side by side. A triathlete can never compromise on any of these significant factors. So to ensure protection and ventilation at the same time, the triathlon helmets have special channels in the outer part of the helmet that maximizes the airflow. These channels help keep the head cool and dry, which improves the rider’s overall performance.

3. Padding

The padding of a triathlon helmet is also included in one of the essential factors a rider should consider. Unlike regular helmets, triathlon helmets have the least padding as a quality triathlon helmet never makes a rider compromise on safety and comfort. Although some people avoid padding, a little padding is crucial as it helps fit the helmet on the head.

4. Weight

Just like other helmets, triathlon helmets with lighter weight are preferable over helmets with a heavyweight. But choosing a lightweight helmet does not mean that you can compromise your safety, so always choose a helmet wisely. If you have a flexible budget, then you can purchase a lightweight and a little expensive triathlon helmet.

5. Safety

If you are a triathlete, then safety is a factor that you should consider first. Triathlon helmets are specially designed to maximize protection because, during the race, you can come across several accidental situations that ultimately harm your skull. So, developed countries like Australia, America, and Europe have set their safety standards, and all helmets should meet their standards to get approval for safe use.

6. Material

Last but not least, the most important among all the factors that matter a lot while purchasing a triathlon helmet is material. Different types of competitions demand different types of materials, but if you want to go for the simple and comfortable material, then polycarbonate is the first preference. Most triathletes prefer carbon fiber material which is expensive but superior to polycarbonate material.

Best Triathlon Helmets – Video Guide


While running a triathlon, you have to be very sure about safety, and the most important of all the safety precautions is a quality triathlon helmet. Although there is a wide range of collections of these helmets in the market, the list of upper illustrated triathlon helmets will help you pick the number one quality helmet for yourself that will offer you safety, ventilation, and comfort. And if you have some other preferences and want to purchase another helmet that is not described in the list, then you can use the guide to notice the important considerations that will assist you in buying the best.