Best Ski Helmets with Visor – (Pros & Cons)

Best Ski Helmets with Visor

So are you planning to explore a snowy area in winter? Alright, it sounds interesting and adventurous too! You have to first prepare your luggage according to the weather; for this, you must have warm clothes, food that can retain your body warm, and a snowboard helmet or a ski helmet with a visor for your ultimate protection and safety when you are outside.

When we step into the market, we find many good bargain options that also attract us with their features, but a ski helmet with a visor and some technical specifications would be the best option. Although you have observed some people wear goggles during their trips but wearing goggles is not a surety that you will get full protection from the snow glares. As the best alternative to the goggles, ski helmets with visors are introduced that give protection as well as a crystal clear view of the slope. And if you accept that the visor makes the vision clear, then you have to decide which ski helmet will work for you.

For your ease, we have compiled the 10 best ski helmets with visors that will make your search convenient. Let’s explore their features without any delay and secure your decision to make your trip more amazing!

List of 10 Best Ski Helmets with Visor

  1. Bollé Might Visor Snow Helmet
  2. Moon Snow Ski Helmet
  3. Odoland Snow Ski Helmet 
  4. Uvex Helmet 500 Visor V Ski Helmet
  5. GiroVue MIPS Ski Helmet
  6. bollé BACKLINE Visor Ski Helmet
  7. Giro Orbit MIPS Spherical Snow Helmet 
  8. Bollé Might Visor Premium MIPS Ski Helmet
  9. Atomic Ski-Helmet
  10. Salomon GROM Visor Ski Helmet

1. Bollé Might Visor Snow Helmet

(Best Injected ABS Ski Helmet)

This snowboard helmet is specially designed to meet your all needs for daily adventures as it has all the advanced technical specifications that protect the head from snow glares. With its MIPS technology, it slides relative to the head and gives enhanced safety against rotational forces. To keep the head at optimum temperature, the helmet has an airflow extractor that lets the cool air in and after circulating it, lets the hot air out. This helmet is made with durable plastic material, and that is why it has a 1.19 lb weight hence preferable to Might Visor Premium MIPS, which exhibits a 1.3 lb weight. 

Moreover, the click-to-fit system of the helmet makes it extraordinarily adjustable. Due to its washable inner lining, it has a special place in the client’s heart. Grab yours today!


  • Lightweight 
  • Click to fit system 
  • MIPS
  • Injected ABS


  • Plastic construction 

2. Moon Snow Ski Helmet 

(Best Shockproof Visor Ski Helmet for Adults) 

The best thing about this ski helmet is that it comes with a delicate chin band for providing additional comfort and warmth to the riders. Plus, changeable earmuffs and detachable linings make it the best option for adults who are looking for something easier to deal with. The goggles of this helmet are also equipped with adjustable bands so that riders are not needed to take the helmet off repeatedly. 

Another interesting thing about this helmet is that it is made from good quality material, which is lighter and durable, so you can wear it without feeling the added strain on the head or neck. In comparison to Uvex 500 Visor V Ski Helmet, these ski helmets have a well-developed ventilation system which means that one can wear them for hours without getting exhausted or stressed. Make sure you add it to your buying cart before ending your day! 


  • Adjustable head size
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Adjustable ventilation system 
  • Removable earmuffs 


  • Not beginners friendly 
  • Not a desirable choice for youngsters 

3. Odoland Ski Helmet

(Best Snow Sport Helmet)

This versatile helmet is not only specific for snowboarding or skiing, but it is the most suitable helmet for all types of snow sports. This helmet is lighter in weight as it is just 1.18 lb, and it enhances the level of comfort with its adjustable features like a chin band, removable earmuffs, etc. The 10 air vents make it more amazing as they circulate the air and reduce the chances of blurred vision. An interesting fact about this helmet is that it comes with goggles that are easy to wear with the helmet and made with high-quality material. It is lighter than Bollé Might Visor, which has a 1.19 lbs weight. 

In addition to this, it comes with a carry bag so that you can take it anywhere you want. The detachable and washable inner lining makes this shockproof snow helmet more suitable to use. So what could be more impressive than this!


  • Flow tech venting design 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to fit 
  • Ultra comfort


  • Only for adults 

4. Uvex 500 Visor V Ski Helmet 

(Most Lightweight Ski Helmet for Adults) 

But also makes it the best choice for Snow skiing. This ski helmet is provided with attached goggles with a wider viewing screen that allow you to dig deep into the scene without feeling the additional strain on your eyes. Plus, these goggles provide maximum protection to your eyes against the attack of detrimental UV radiation. 

In comparison to Bolle BACKLINE Visor Ski Helmet, this visor helmet doesn’t have enough ventilating pores, which is why there are chances that you might get uncomfortable if you wear it for longer periods. The shell design is eye-catching and gives you a classy look when you wear it. Order your ski helmet today from your most liked Amazon site! 


  • Equipped with photochromic lens technology
  • Provide maximum protection against UV light 
  • Lightweight 
  • Made from durable material 


  • Poor ventilating system 
  • Not a good choice for long-term usage

5. GiroVue MIPS Ski Helmet

(Best Integrated Goggles Sheild Ski Helmet)

As the name of this snowboard helmet indicates, it has a prominent MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) technology that acts as a shock absorbent and protects the skull from heavy outer impacts. It consists of outer polycarbonate material and an inner foam lining that keeps the head cool and dry by keeping the proper airflow. The form fit system of this helmet makes it suitable to wear with improved stability. Its polycarbonate construction makes it superior to Bollé Might Visor, which has plastic construction and is more vulnerable to dings and scrapes. The helmet has a stack vent attached to the goggles to keep the vision clear. 

Moreover, it has a convertible integrated shield that protects the eyes from harmful radiations like UV and IR. It contains XT2 anti-odor padding, which upgrades its level. So what are you waiting for? Shop yours!


  • Lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • Thermostat control 
  • In form fit system


  • Only for adults 

6. Bolle BACKLINE Visor Ski Helmet 

(Most Durable Visor Ski Helmet for Snow Skiing) 

The best thing about Backline Visor Ski Helmet is that it comes with numerous ventilating holes that permit cool air molecules to enter the helmet from the front, and hot air molecules are expelled from the back so that head temperature is maintained at its best. Another interesting thing about this visor ski helmet is that it is equipped with a Click-to-Fit system that permits the riders to adjust the helmet without removing it repeatedly. 

In comparison to Bolle Might Visor Premium MIPS Ski Helmet, this helmet is expensive and more durable as the external body is made from sturdy material. The weight of a ski helmet is not that much, which signifies that you won’t feel drained out if you wear it for hours. Don’t forget to make your ride fun-filled by adding this helmet to your riding journey! 


  • Contain ventilator pores for optimal air passage
  • Lightweight 
  • Equipped with a Click-to-Fit system 
  • Made from enduring material 


  • Not recommended to young children 
  • Comes at expensive rates

7. Giro Orbit MIPS Spherical Snow Helmet 

(Best Comfortable Snowboard Helmet)

Being a skier, if you are worried about how to wear glasses, then with this ski helmet with visor, you will surely never feel inconvenienced as it has an integrated vivid shield that not only protects the eyes but also gives you a stylish look with your favorite goggles. The multi-directional impact protection system makes it more amazing as it negates all the outer forces that can damage the head. With its superb construction, it has an expanded polypropylene material and two layers of EPP foam that fit together and saves the brain from rotational forces. This product is available in large sizes, which is why not only suitable for adults, as in the case of the GiroVue MIPS Ski Helmet. 

Moreover, it contains a thermostat control adjustable venting system that keeps the temperature of the head optimum. Stop scrolling and buy one for yourself!


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to wear with goggles 
  • MIPS 
  • Thermostat Control adjustable venting system


  • Expensive 

8. Bolle Might Visor Premium MIPS Ski Helmet 

(Best Ski Helmets for Young Adults) 

The best thing about this visor premium ski helmet is that its outer body is in black matte, which makes it appear more fascinating and classy. Plus, the external body is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which makes it more durable without increasing the general weight of the helmet. It is advantageous as the more lightweight the visor ski helmet is, the more preferable it is for riders. The luxurious outer design makes the ride playful for riders and takes their confidence to the next level. 

In comparison to Salomon GROM Visor Ski Helmet, this ski helmet is best suited for young adults plus, this helmet is equipped with a top-notch ventilation system which ensures that maximum airflow is made possible without any hindrance so riders won’t get uncomfortable in the middle of the ride. For taking advantage of this ski helmet, place your order today! 


  • Well-developed ventilation system 
  • Comfortable 
  • Comes with removable linings 
  • Made from durable material


  • Not recommended to young children 

9. Atomic Ski Helmet – Atomic Savor Visor Stereo

(Best Ski Helmet with Adjustable Visor Settings)

With this perfectly manufactured ski helmet, you can pivot your visor to make enough space for your goggles so that you can get clear vision without any inconvenience. This 2.3 lbs weighted helmet with a visor has 9 layers of high-end mirror that improve the level of protection by saving the eyes from sharp and harmful snow glares. The coating is perfectly balanced so that the user never complains about blurred vision. With the most advanced cooling system of aircon, this active aircon venting allows the hot air to escape out of the helmet to keep the inner temperature optimum. The composite material is more durable than the plastic material of Bollé Might Visor. 

In addition to this, the helmet has a unique egg carton design with audio-compatible ear pads. 360° fit system makes it more suitable to wear with ultra comfort. Get this before it gets out of stock! 


  • 100% clarity 
  • High-end mirror coating 
  • 30% more impact protection 
  • 8mm more space for glasses 


  • No con has been found yet

10. Salomon GROM Visor Ski Helmet 

(Best Visor Ski Helmets for Precision and Sharpness) 

The best thing about this visor ski helmet is that it is equipped with multiple advanced lenses that make your view clearer and brighter. No matter what you are looking at, if you are wearing this helmet, you will see everything as remarkably distinct and precise. Groom visor ski helmets are a good option for riders who prefer to have something convenient during their ride. In comparison to competitor ski helmets, these helmets come in the affordable range, so people with not-so-financially strong backgrounds can purchase them to have fun in the mountains. 

One interesting thing about this visor ski helmet is that it is made from a lightweight material meaning that it doesn’t put extra pressure on your head if you wear it for hours. Small kids can readily wear it for adventurous rides. For a playful experience, don’t forget to make it your priority! 


  • Lightweight 
  • Best for young kids 
  • Goggles provide remarkable precision and clarity 
  • Inexpensive


  • Not made from a durable material 
  • Not a good option for teenagers 

Comparison Table

NamesItem WeightMaterialPrice
Bollé Might Visor Snow Helmet1.19 lbs   PlasticCheck Price
Moon Snow Ski Helmet1.32lbsExpanded Polystyrene and PolycarbonateCheck Price
Odoland Snow Ski Helmet 1.18 lbs ABS shell EPS core Check Price
Uvex Helmet 500 Visor V Ski Helmet1.43lbsExpanded PolystyreneCheck Price
GiroVue MIPS Ski Helmet1.25 lbsPolycarbonateCheck Price
Bollé BACKLINE Visor Ski Helmet1.43lbsAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneCheck Price
Giro Orbit MIPS Spherical Snow Helmet 4.254922lbs (Package weight)Polypropylene Check Price
Bollé Might Visor Premium MIPS Ski Helmet1.7lbsAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneCheck Price
Atomic Ski-Helmet2.3lbsCompositeCheck Price
Salomon GROM Visor Ski Helmet0.95lbsPlasticCheck Price

Ski Helmets with Visor Buying Guide

Skiing demands protection. And for complete protection, you need a snowboard or ski helmet. But it is also a fact that a simple ski helmet can make the vision unclear during haze. To avoid this inconvenience, the manufacturing companies have introduced ski helmet with a visor that not only gives protection but also offer clear vision, which negates the goggles, and you can also enjoy a sense of freedom. These ski helmets do not look awkward to wear because they are sleek and stylish. But for choosing the right helmet, you have to consider some points that will make your decision more accurate. Let’s have a look at them!

 1. Visor Category

The visor category is one of the essential points that should be noticed when purchasing a ski helmet with a visor. Visors are generally assigned a category number between 1 to 4, which depicts how much light it allows to pass through the visor to reach the eyeball. If there is cloudy weather, then a visor with a low category number is suitable, whereas, for sunshine, a visor with a high category number is preferable. Some visors are photochromic, but they are more expensive than the visor with a fixed tint as they automatically get darker and brighter according to the environment.

 2. Fit and Size

Every person has a different head size and shape, so you must be sure that whatever ski helmet you are purchasing for yourself it must be according to the size and shape of your head. Modern ski helmets with visors are adjustable, and they alter their shape according to the head. The ski helmets are usually available in three size ranges; small, medium, and large. Every size has specific measurements in cm, so you can match the measurements with your head to comfortably wear them without any inconvenience.

 3. Type of Construction

In the case of ski helmets with visors, there are three types of construction. In-mold, ABS, or hybrid. Let’s explore what their distinctive features are;

a)     ABS

ABS is the conventional and the cheapest among all ski helmets with visors. With their basic outer construction, they are made with heavy and cheap plastic and an inner foam lining. The plus point of this type of construction is that it has great impact resistance.

b)     In-Mold

With its thin shell construction, in-mold is considered modern and preferable to ABS because of its lightweight. The drawback of this construction is the durability issue of its plastic material, as it can not resist the scraps.

c)      Hybrid

Hybrid, as the name indicates, is a blend of both ABS and in-mold construction. These modern helmets are light in weight and more durable because the exterior is made of hard plastic resistant to dings and scrapes.

   4. Ventilation

A quality ski helmet with a visor must have enough ventilation to keep the proper airflow along with keeping the head cool and dry. Some expensive ski helmets have adjustable vents that you can use according to climatic conditions.

     5. Safety

The main purpose of wearing a ski helmet with a visor is safety and protection. Although all helmets are made for protection, some indeed give extra safety to the user. To avoid heavy impacts, scientists have specially designed MIPS helmets that protect the brain from external strain.

If you want to improve practicality by making the vision clearer during the snowy winter, then a ski helmet with a visor can give you this. We have described all the key specifications of the 10 popular ski helmets with visors that will enhance your comfort and will protect you from the snow glares. By giving a read to the pros and cons of all the upper illustrated helmets, you will be able to secure your decision easily. All helmets are different in their budget and style, so make sure the helmet you are choosing is the most suitable for you. Have the best and safe winter trip!