Best Riding Helmets – (Equestrian Helmet)

So riding is your passion, and you do not want to compromise, right? That is the spirit of a genuine sportsman!

Horse riding sounds the most interesting of all types of riding, but you cannot deny the fact that it is the most dangerous of all because a single mistake can lead to severe accidental damages that are sometimes unrepairable. And the most vulnerable among all the body parts is the skull. So you must ensure that you are fulfilling the criteria of safety before riding a horse.

To ultimately protect your head, buying a riding helmet is a good option. And the market is flooded with so many brands that pretend to be the best, but actually, they are not worth it. So finding a good quality riding helmet is a little daunting for the riders as it demands a lot of research and knowledge.

To make your riding stress-free and more exciting, we have enlisted the 10 best riding helmets that would surely help you release your tension and make your riding experience the safest of your life. Let’s scroll ahead to explore the features of all the helmets one by one, along with their pros and cons, and then secure your decision!

Comparison Table

NameItem WeightSizePrice
Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet1.78 lbs (Package Weight)XS, S, M, LCheck Price
Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet 1 lbSmall/mediumCheck Price
TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Safety Helmet 1 lb  SmallCheck Price
Troxel Dakota Performance Helmet2 lbsSmallCheck Price
Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet0.681 lb  XSCheck Price
IRH Equi-Pro II Horse Riding Helmet1.5 lbsX SmallCheck Price
Troxel Rebel Horseback Riding Helmet1.8 lbsSmallCheck Price
IRH INTERNATIONAL RIDING HELMETS Equestrian-Helmets 4G2.2 lbsSmallCheck Price
Miscasa Horse Riding Helmet0.94 lb (Package Weight)SmallCheck Price
One K Defender RGS Helmet2.25lbsMediumCheck Price

List of 10 Best Riding Helmets

  1. Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet
  2. Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet 
  3. TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Safety Helmet 
  4. Troxel Dakota Performance Helmet
  5. Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet
  6. IRH Equi-Pro II Horse Riding Helmet
  7. Troxel Rebel Horseback Riding Helmet
  9. Miscasa Horse Riding Helmet
  10. One K Defender RGS Helmet

1. Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet

(Best Performance Riding Helmet)

This SEI and ASTM-certified helmet meets all the safety standards with its full-coverage design. Its low-profile design is also exceptional because it makes the rider feel comfortable while riding. The helmet consists of a fit touch dial system that helps stabilize and balance the helmet on the head to ensure comfort. This riding helmet is suitable to wear with all types of hairstyles, and it contains a flip-fold system with the help of which you can alter the thickness of the padding. Moreover, the padding is removable and washable and has an air channel technology that ensures enough ventilation during the hot and cold weather outside. The plus point of this helmet over the TuffRider Starter is that it has different sizes, while the TuffRider has only a small size. 

Furthermore, the helmet is made of flexible polymer and has a flex visor that is resistant to breakage. As it is available in all sizes, so you can buy it according to your need!


  • XS size for young riders 
  • Certified 
  • Full coverage design
  • Soft-touch dial system


  • Heavy for kids 

2. Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

(Most Suited Riding Helmet for Teenage Girls) 

The sleek design of the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet and polished helmet shell make it the best choice for high school girls as they prefer to have accessories and items in eye-catching colors. 

In comparison to Troxel Dakota Performance, this riding helmet comes with a top-notch visor and liners that are detachable, anti-microbial, and washable so that horse riders won’t feel nervous and fearful about their safety. Chinstraps are of good quality and ensure that person doesn’t get severely injured if he falls out. Make it a part of your things to purchase list now, and enjoy the change in your ride! 


  • Loaded with ventilation pores for maintaining coolness 
  • Most recommended to teenage girls
  • Maximum comfort 
  • Lightweight 


  • Not a good choice for a head size greater than 24 inches 

3. TuffRider Starter Horseback Riding Helmet 

(Best Safety Riding Helmet)

The helmet contains an ABS outer shell and CoolMax EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) inner foam lining, which is resistant to cracks and corrosion and is superior to Troxel Spirit, which is made of polymer material. The inner lining is removable and washable and keeps the head cool and dry. If you are a girl and are worried about wearing a riding helmet, you should not be stressed because this helmet has a unique design as you can wear it with a ponytail. This helmet has a detachable peak within a reasonable price that makes it more versatile in use. 

In addition to this, it consists of an adjustable dial and custom fit system that customize the level of comfort. Buy this vigorously tested horse-riding helmet now!


  • Built-in CoolMax 
  • SEI certified 
  • ABS outer shell 


  • The adjustable dial has adjustability issues 

4. Troxel Dakota Performance 

(Most Lightweight Riding Helmet) 

The best thing about Troxel Dakota is that it ensures additional protection to the rider against sunlight so that riders can fully enjoy their ride even when sunlight is at its peak. 

In comparison to IRH Equi-Pro II Horse Riding Helmet, this riding helmet is cheap, more attractive, and secure, which is why many young women prefer to wear it when going for a ride. The helmet is equipped with a remarkable ventilation system so that you won’t face breathing or heating issues during the ride. Don’t waste your time here and there. Place your order now! 


  • Marvelous ventilation system 
  • Eye-catching floral design on the sides
  • Lightweight – less pressure on the head 
  • Inexpensive


  • Oversized heads won’t fit into it 
  • Not a good choice for advanced riders

5. Troxel Sport Riding Helmet 

(Best School Horseback Riding Helmet)

With a lightweight of 0.681 lb, this helmet has crossed the level of TuffRider Starter, which has a 1 lb weight. The helmet is the safest in use. After all, it meets all the protection standards, and it is SEI/ASTM certified. The attached visor of this helmet makes the vision clear so that you can ride in every type of weather. To make ventilation perfect, the helmet has 7 cooling vents that enhance breathability by letting the hot air out of the helmet. This incredibly lightweight helmet is made of a highly durable material that is polyester. 

In addition to this, it consists of a side glide strap that helps adjust the helmet on the head by improving the comfort level. The inner headliner is washable and removable. So what are you waiting for? Buy one for yourself!


  • Lightweight 
  • Multi-discipline helmet 
  • Durable construction
  • Highly Ventilated


  • Two color choices 

6. IRH Equi-Pro II Horse Riding Helmet

(Most Breathable Riding Helmet) 

The best thing about this riding helmet is that it is infested with fast-drying, best-quality liners that greatly absorb moisture so that your head does not become overheated during the ride, and you enjoy it to the fullest. Plus, this Cool-On-Lining is anti-microbial and washable. Another best thing about this riding helmet is that it can be used efficiently by novice and intermediate riders alike as it is easy to deal with and operate. 

In comparison to IRH INTERNATIONAL RIDING HELMETS – Equestrian Helmet 4G, this riding helmet is inexpensive and provides the best ventilation to your head. Maximum air molecules come and go through this small-sized riding helmet. The external shell of this riding helmet is navy blue which makes it look more captivating and luxurious. Don’t forget to make it your choice! 


  • Don’t disturb the monthly budget 
  • Navy blue shell for added comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Provide maximum space for the movement of air molecules 


  • Made from poor-quality material 

7. Troxel Western Rebel

(Best Fit Riding Helmet)

This high-end featured riding helmet has a Surefit pro character that customizes the level of comfort as it is suitable to fit every type of head. The helmet is perfect to use in every situation because it meets the safety standards of SEI and ASTM. Unlike Troxel Spirit, this helmet is great for show use. 

Moreover, this helmet has a Dura tech finish built to last longer and is rigid enough to resist heavy impacts. This riding hood contains washable and removable inner padding. So what could be more amazing than this?


  • Mesh ventilation 
  • Surefit pro 
  • Affordable
  • Certified 


  • A few adjustment issues 


(Most Comfortable Riding Helmets)

This small-sized riding helmet provides a comfortable ride plus a chin strip for additional protection to the chin so that riders do not get serious injuries if they accidentally slip from the horse. Additionally, this helmet is best suited for girls who adore ponytails during rides as a safety strip is cut in the neck region so that the ponytail can get the space. 

In comparison to the One K Defender RGS Helmet, these helmets are more secure and comfortable for young adults. For making riders more confident and comfortable, side and rear ventilation are introduced so that riders can enjoy the ride without getting burned out. Make sure to order it before going to a deep sleep! 


  • Top-notch ventilation system
  • Professional shell design 
  • Secure for young adults 
  • Best quality chinstraps for extra protection 


  • Quite expensive 

9. Miscasa Horse Riding Helmet

(Best Toddler Riding Helmet)

This CE-approved safety helmet is specially designed to protect your toddler’s head from severe injuries. The size of this helmet is small, but make sure to measure the size of your children’s heads before purchasing. The helmet is highly adjustable because of the special adjustable straps that make the helmet stable every time your children wear it. Besides the exceptional level of comfort, the outer shell of the helmet is made of polyvinyl chloride and EPS inner material, which is durable as well as ensures ventilation because of the holes at the top and around the rim. The package with a 0.94 lb weight is lighter than Troxel Spirit Riding Helmet, which is 1.78 lb. 

Moreover, you can contact the manufacturer if you have any issues regarding the size of your head because the satisfaction of clients is their priority. Stop scrolling and grab one for your child today!


  • Approved to use 
  • Highly adjustable 
  • Lightweight
  • Strong material 


  • Flimsy 

10. One K Defender RGS Helmet

(Best Riding Helmet for Medium-Sized Headspace) 

The medium-sized headspace provides enough space for adult females and males. One K Defender Helmets come with the best quality liner, which is detachable, washable, and antimicrobial. Plus, these helmets come with a pair of vents that provide enough cooling effects for horseriders during their ride. 

In comparison to other riding helmets, One K Defender helmets are on the expensive side, but these helmets come in a variety of head sizes so that maximum riders can enjoy their rides with this electrifying helmet. For adding more power to your ride, grab this helmet now! 


  • Outer and inner body made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Polycarbonate
  • Adjustable headrests 
  • Detachable inner liners
  • Proper ventilating system 


  • Expensive 

How to Choose a Riding Helmet? – Buying Guide

There is no doubt that we have thousands of options for riding helmets in the market, and surely they all are made to offer safety and protection to the rider. But the hurdle is when you have to find the best one for yourself, and here the question arises how to select the most suitable horseback riding helmet? For this, you have to compare different riding helmets based on their features. In this guide, we will explain the main characteristics that should not be ignored while purchasing a quality helmet.

Let’s give a read to this! Shall we?

1. Appearance

The appearance of a helmet matters a lot, especially if you want to look unique and prominent among the other riders. Although you cannot compromise on safety, there are still helmets that come in multiple colors and have sleek designs, and they offer an exceptional level of safety to the riders as well.

2. Breathability

The weather extremes cannot stop a passionate horse rider. But it is also true that a rider has to face extremely hot and extremely cold weather, and riding also takes place outside on the open ground, leading to sweat in the warm weather and severe head pain in winter. To avoid this inconvenience, a riding helmet with a proper ventilation system is recommended. So always try to choose a helmet with more vents.

3. Safety Standards 

Horseback riding has different safety criteria. The helmet you are choosing must fulfill all the set standards to give you ultimate protection and save you from a wide range of accidental risks. So a riding helmet should have these certifications; 

  • ASTM
  • SEI
  • Snell Foundation
  • CE Mark
  • BSI Kitemark – British Safety Institute, etc.

SEI and ASTM are the two main governing bodies, and a quality helmet has both certifications. 

4. Size and Fit 

The fit and size of a riding helmet decide the level of comfort you will enjoy during the ride. A wrong helmet fits snugly or moves side to side or back and forth. Before purchasing the right helmet, measure the head from its widest part just above the eyebrows. Different brands offer different sizes and shapes – some are oval, and some are completely round. Measuring the head size will help you in purchasing the helmet with an accurate fit.

5. Material 

Material is another factor that you must notice while purchasing a quality riding helmet because this is also involved in making your experience the most comfortable of all. The exterior or first layer of the helmet must be solid enough to protect you from any shocks, so it must be made of fiberglass or plastic.

These materials are important in distributing the blow evenly and reducing the blow’s impact by efficiently absorbing it. The helmet’s interior should be soft enough to give your head comfort. Although some helmets come without inner padding, the preferable ones are those which do not feel hard on the head. 

Last but not least is the fabric lining of the helmet. The lining must be replaceable and washable, and the innermost must have a polystyrene lining that efficiently absorbs shocks. 

How to Buy a Perfect Horse Riding Helmet? Video Guide


Horseback riding is interesting as well as dangerous because it has a high risk of getting injuries. But you can make your experience safer with the help of a good helmet. By reading this article, you have come to know that there are a lot of good bargain options in the market, but the hard part is to secure the single most suitable decision for yourself. Hopefully, the reviews explained above will be a guideline for you while purchasing a riding helmet of yours. You can share your feedback because your views matter a lot to us. Make your horseback riding enjoyable and safe; happy riding!