Best mountain bike helmets under 100 – (Affordable Budget)

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The mountain bike helmets under 100 are reviewed here. They show exceptional qualities like PC shell, EPS foam, adjustable sizing system, multiple air vents, extended head coverage, and integrated visor.

You must stop assuming that mountain bike helmets are expensive and out of your budget range. Here we have reviewed cost and pocket-friendly options, and they come under the $100 category. This is so amazing!

These budget-friendly helmets for mountain biking have a PC shell, EPS foam, soft padding, multiple vents, and an adjustable sizing system! Moreover, the PC shell’s presence maintains these headgears’ overall structural integrity and durability. On the other hand, the EPS lining looks lightweight, offering optimized and maximum protection. And multiple vents give the rider a cool and comfortable journey time.

You can fine-tune and adjust the sizing of these helmets anytime you want to. Though these headgears are low-cost, the strategically placed padding, integrated visor, and multi-purpose usage make them catchy and versatile recommendations. Feel free to use them as a sporty road bike or for trekking purposes as well!

Comparison table of Top 10 Best mountain bike helmets under 100 in 2022

 Vents                       Fit sizingUSPPrice
Giro Mountain Bike Helmet18UniversalMarket-leading protectionCheck Price
Retrospec Mountain Bike Helmet14Adjustable fitRemovable visorCheck Price
BASE CAMP Mountain Bike Helmet16Adjustable from 20.4 to 23.2 inchesOptimized ventsCheck Price
Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet12Single-Hand dial adjustable retention systemImpact resistanceCheck Price
Extremus Aerolander Mountain Bike Helmet19Adjustable dialShock shield technologyCheck Price
Bell Soquel Mountain Bike HelmetMultiple air-channeling ventsAdvanced fit systemExtended rear coverageCheck Price
O’Neal Mountain Bike HelmetMultipleSingle-handed adjustment and fasteningFidlock magnetic buckleCheck Price
PHZ. Mountain Bike Helmet23Adjustable dial and strapsMeets the US and EU cycling standardsCheck Price
Lixada Bike Helmet13One-hand fit and advanced adjustmentIntegrated and In-molding constructionCheck Price
MOON Mountain Bike Helmet22Custom-fitPerfect head fitCheck Price

1. Giro Mountain Bike Helmet

Giro Mountain Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • You get market-leading protection because it is engineered to advanced standards.
  • It has 18 vents which come with an internal channeling mechanism.
  • The entire helmet looks rugged and shows in-molding construction.
  • You will get universal fit sizing, and no hassle will be there while adjusting it.

Key Specifications

ColorMatte Ano Lime
ConstructionIn-molding construction
USPMarket-leading protection

Many under $100 mountain bike helmets have been launched, but the best and most versatile pick is this Giro Mountain Bike Helmet. It is so cost-friendly and simultaneously offers high-end features. Most importantly, the brand promises to endorse market-leading protection, a hi-fi ventilation system, and universal fit sizing.

The catchy part is that it is MIPS certified, and your head will be protected from multi-directional impacts. In case of a crash, the skull does not get fractured and shall remain hurt-free for sure. On the other hand, the 18 Wind Tunnel vents are embossed with the internal channeling mechanism. No suffocation will be there as long as you have put on the Giro Mountain Bike Helmet and riding on uneven mountainous roads.

It is high time to become a confident rider, and you can ride boldly and daringly on challenging paths if you have worn a MIPS-certified helmet. Moreover, it has a compact design and complements all sorts of riding styles. The Roc Loc Sport fit mechanism brings more versatility, and you will be in the position to enjoy the fire-road adventures and ride effortlessly on the uneven and rough singletrack trails.


  • Multiple Wind Tunnel vents
  • In-molding construction
  • Market-leading protection


  • Limited guarantee

2. Retrospec Mountain Bike Helmet

Retrospec Mountain Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • This helmet shows durable construction and is injected with a dense and premium EPS foam lining.
  • It has a breathable design and escorts 14 large-sized vents.
  • The padding is removable and washable.
  • There is an ErgoKnob dial in it for adjusting.

Key Specifications

ColorMatte black
ConstructionBreathable and lightweight
USPRemovable visor

Suppose you are out of budget and wish to get a kind of headgear that looks budget-friendly and possesses advanced features! We have found one product for you: Retrospec Mountain Bike Helmet. This helmet is designed in a way that absorbs impacts and shocks and keeps the skull bones and head safe and sound.

In addition, the 14 large vents promise to keep the rider cool and comfortable. When you put on this headgear, you will not feel any weight because the outer shell is made of lightweight material and the in-mold polycarbonate composition is there. The brand has guaranteed that the padding absorbs the maximum amount of moisture and sweat, and you will no longer get distracted as long as you are climbing on the toughest mountain roads.

Make sure that you wash the padding regularly to ride with the utmost freshness and be ready to conquer new trails. Rest, the ErgoKnob dial gives the rider a comfortable and snug fit. Thus, unwavering protection is assured because this headgear is tested and approved at the CPSC and EN labs.


  • EPS foam interior
  • Washable interior padding
  • Adjustable sizing


  • Fewer vents

3. BASE CAMP Mountain Bike Helmet


Key Features

  • It is the most protective and lightweight for mountain biking purposes.
  • There are 16 optimized vents in it.
  • The visor is large and keeps the dirt and debris out of your eyes’ reach.
  • You can easily adjust this helmet from 20.4 to 23.2 inches.

Key Specifications

ConstructionLightweight and protective
USPOptimized vents

Affordable helmets are always preferred by mountain bike riders. So, among the best and top-performing budget-friendly helmets, we have the BASE CAMP Helmet for our readers. It is 100% lightweight, immensely protective, and injected with a polycarbonate shell. The EPS lining absorbs maximum shocks and impacts and keeps the skull fracture-free and completely protected.

Moreover, the overall construction keeps the skull base safe and sound, and in case it gets hit by a sharp project, your head will not get hurt at all. Even the top area of the neck receives 360-degree protection. You can see that it has 16 optimized vents, which are further escorted by the internal exhaust channels. The main purpose of these vents is to thrust cool and fresh air and keeps the hot air out.

Besides, the large visor reduces glare, prevents dirt from entering the eyes, and you can comfortably ride on all trails and terrains. You can even spot that the padding is removable and provide excellent wicking properties. It prevents the sweat soak into your skin or dripping into the eyes, and you tend to enjoy all-day comfort riding time on the trails.


  • Optimized vents
  • EPS liner
  • Padding is moisture-wicking


  • It takes more time to adjust

4. Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet


Key Features

  • The design is excessively ventilated and aerodynamic.
  • It resists impacts, shocks, and falls.
  • You can have it for mountain biking, general commuting, or skateboarding.
  • There is an insect-proof net so that you can ride comfortably.

Key Specifications

ConstructionAerodynamic and ventilated

Yes, it is now possible to get a cost-friendly helmet because many options are available in the shops. Experts have recommended investing in such low-priced headgear that exhibits hi-fi features. Here we like to review the Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet for our readers. It is made of lightweight and premium materials, and the inner padding is also completely breathable. In addition, the brand has encased this helmet with a fully ventilated and aerodynamic design.

You will feel cool and no longer exhausted if you have worn this helmet because its vents keep the hot air out and pull cool air. 100% resistance is guaranteed against the impacts, and you will not get even a single scratch on your head. A one-handed adjustment system has been infused, and the visor keeps your riding time comfortable even on bright sunny days. You can even move the visor upward to get a broad sight.

Thus, have this helmet for your road bike or while skateboarding day-to-day commuting, and recreational cycling. If you want to remove the visor, you can do that, and the dial gets adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Lastly, the insect-proof net keeps the riding time 100% annoying-free.


  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Impact-resistance
  • Single-Hand dial adjustment system


  • The finishing is not wear-resistant

5. Extremus Aerolander Mountain Bike Helmet


Key Features

  • Its construction is based on the shock-absorbing mechanism.
  • It is made in the USA, and the outer PC material and inner EPS foam are of high quality.
  • Its structure is safe and sound, and you will get maximum protection and comfort.
  • The mesh padding absorbs sweat and keeps the rider’s head cool enough for hours and hours.

Key Specifications

SizeSmall and medium
ConstructionPremium and sturdy
USPShock Shield Technology:

How about having the Extremus Aerolander Mountain Bike Helmet? You can order it because it shows a blend of supreme qualities and a low price tag. Many riders have been the biggest fan of the Aerolander Mountain cycling helmets. The brand has adopted a one-piece and advanced construction approach this time. On the other side, the outer shell material is shock-absorbing, and the EPS foam promises to keep the rider’s head scratched and hurt-fee.

It is one such pocket-friendly helmet that is lightweight, safe to use, looks super tough, and gives all-around and 360-degree safety. Most importantly, the Quick Dry Cooling System, aerodynamic ventilation system, and Shock Shield Technology have made it a preferable helmet. You can see that the mesh padding is made of sponge material, and it consistently absorbs sweat and keeps the rider’s head cool for hours and hours.

The brand promises that the Shock Shield Technology offers full-spectrum and 100% shock absorption in case of crashes or collisions. When adjusting it, only turn the dial with one hand and make it adapt and get fixed according to your head size. Moreover, the highlighting part is that the integrated dial comes with a rear safety light too.


  • Shock Shield Technology
  • Aerodynamic and high-end Ventilation System
  • Multifunctional Design


  • Slow customer service

6. Bell Soquel Mountain Bike Helmet


Key Features

  • It is a MIPS-certified helmet.
  • You will get extended rear coverage, and the head remains additionally protected.
  • It meets the U. S. CPSC Safety Standards.
  • The in-mold construction guarantees protection from multi-directional shocks and impacts.

Key Specifications

ColorDark Titanium
SizeOne-size Adult
ConstructionFusion In-molding construction
USPExtended rear coverage

Next, we have the Bell Soquel Mountain Bike Helmet! It is MIPS-approved, gives complete coverage to the rider’s head, and promises multi-directional impact protection. The brand has designed this headgear based on leading slip-plane technology, bringing down the impacts and rotational forces.

In addition, the outer shell and EPS foam lining make the helmet sturdier, more durable, and more long-lasting to use. The skull base and neck top section remain covered and protected while riding. Furthermore, the fit system is so much quicker to adjust, and you get a custom and comfortable fitting time. Though it is a budget-friendly helmet it does meet the U. S. CPSC Safety Standards, which is another USP of it.

So, if your head measures 54 to 63 cm, you must go with this option. It keeps your head safe and sounds against impacts, and no harm will reach your brain or skull bones. Besides, the air-channeling vents let you comfortably ride on the open roads, safely rips the uneven terrains and trails, and ride effortlessly through the woods. Thus, you can pick this pocket-friendly helmet for your next adventure and enjoy exploring the urban jungles and mountainous trails. 


  • MIPS certified
  • Extended rear coverage
  • Lightweight fit system


  • Limited sizes are available

7. O’Neal Mountain Bike Helmet

O'Neal Mountain Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • Its shell is made of ABS material.
  • The air vents are multiple in number and offer optimal ventilation.
  • The Fidlock magnetic buckle can be fastened single-handedly.
  • Moreover, the inner liner padding is sweat-absorbing, removable, and washable.

Key Specifications

ColorBlack and white
ConstructionDurable and rugged
USPFidlock magnetic buckle 

No doubt, it has now become an easy task to look for budget-friendly and reasonably-priced helmets. So, how about buying the O’Neal Mountain Bike Helmet? It comes under the $100 category, and some impressive features are there. The shell is constructed and composed of ABS material. Moreover, the multiple air vents, Fidlock magnetic buckle, and ultra-plush inner padding make it the safest-to-use mountain biking helmet.

The buckle is easy to adjust, and you can single-handedly release and fasten it. It is assured that your mountain riding time will remain safe because it meets the EN1078 safety standards. This respective brand has always developed the helmets by first carrying out extensive research and years of testing. And this reviewed headgear is the safest pick for downhill riding.

The presence of larger vents, sweat absorbing, and moisture-wicking liners increases the comfort part as well. It is promised that the lining controls the temperature as long as you are riding on challenging trails and hills. So do you want to have the headgear which has multiple vents? If yes, try out the O’Neal Mountain Bike Helmet, as it is packed with multi-colored graphics.


  • Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • Sweat-absorbing and padded inner liner
  • Meets EN1078 safety standards


  • The packaging is not impressive

8. PHZ Mountain Bike Helmet

PHZ. Mountain Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • It has an adjustable regulator and removable sun visor.
  • The straps are adjustable, and there is reflective tape on them.
  • The material is imported, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.
  • The insect net prevents the bugs from making your riding time annoying.

Key Specifications

ConstructionDual certified
USPMeets the US and EU cycling standards

You will surely get impressed the minute you start using the PHZ Mountain Bike Helmet. It is reasonably low-priced. Giving you a basic overview of it, this headgear has a removable sun visor, adjustable regulator, reflective straps, detachable liner, and insect net. You can notice that the snap-on visor comes with port plugs, and your face and eyes will get extended coverage and protection against sun and rain.

Moreover, the internal regulator is quick to adjust, and you can modify the height and circumference of this helmet anytime. Many riders have praised the use of the PHZ Mountain Bike Helmet because of the fact that its straps are adjustable and covered by reflective tape, which is both resistant to corrosion and wear and tear.

Rest, the built-in insect net prevents the entrance of bugs and insects when cycling. It fulfills the US and EU cycling safety standards, and the in-molding technology absorbs the impacts during the crashes. Do you know that this helmet also has a detachable USB light? Yes, it is true! The rear light offers maximum visibility while you are riding at night, and there are three lighting modes in it.


  • Detachable USB light
  • Offer ample ventilation
  • Adjustable straps


  • There is no Fidlock magnetic buckle

9. Lixada Bike Helmet

Lixada Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • This helmet is suitable for heads whose circumference ranges between 22.0 to 24.4 inches.
  • The PC shell has been fully integrated and in-molded.
  • You will get extensive protection against crashes and shocks.
  • The strap can be adjusted one-handedly.

Key Specifications

ColorDark Green + Black
ConstructionIntegrated and In-molding construction
USPAdjustable fixing strap

Guess what? The Lixada Bike Helmet can be purchased easily because it costs under $100. While you are mountain biking, you must wear a good-quality helmet, and the Lixada brand is known for making it super safest to use helmets. It has an in-mold PC shell, and EPS foam is packed with a multi-dimensional and excellent cone shape for ensuring real protection against all sorts of impacts and shocks.

We know that low-quality mountain bike helmets are always heavyweight and no longer comfortable to wear. But the reviewed pick is so lightweight. It has a soft lining, and the chin guard is escorted with the Y-S fixing straps. Remember that when biking, safety, and protection begin from the head! That is why we have suggested this headgear to beginner and expert-level Mountain and off-road drivers.

The induction of ventilation holes, mesh inner padding, and a 3D tightening system makes it the best option for mountain biking and trail cycling. Lastly, if your head circumference falls in between the range of 22.0 to 24.4 inches, this helmet will fit perfectly.


  • Very lightweight
  • Soft liner
  • Y-S fixing straps


  • It runs out of stock sooner

10. MOON Mountain Bike Helmet

MOON Mountain Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • It has a rugged-looking PC shell.
  • The integrated molding technology brings down impacts.
  • The rider’s safety is assured and promised.
  • It is lightweight and does not bring discomfort and pain to the neck.

Key Specifications

ConstructionVentilated and comfortable
USPPerfect head fit

The last recommendation is also included in the under 100 price tag category! We have the MOON Mountain Bike Helmet. It promises excellent protection, remains to be durable and lightweight, and comes with a detachable visor. The PC shell looks so rugged, and the EPS foam is of high resilience and a high-density nature.

The weight of this helmet is only 270 grams. You will find it easy to wear, and no pain or fatigue will reach your neck because it is not heavyweight! You must wear it for all sorts of road commuting and mountain biking activities. Moreover, it seems to be suitable for trail bike races. By removing the visor, you can transform this helmet into a road-style helmet.

Even more, the ventilated design and the presence of 22 cellular vents make this helmet high-end. Its design brings down wind resistance and keeps the rider’s journey refreshing enough and safe and sound. MOON also makes bicycle helmets, ski helmets, and headgear for skateboarding, horse riding, and water sports. You can even try out their ice hockey helmets and rock climbing helmets.


  • Ventilated design
  • Bring down wind resistance
  • Perfect head fit


  • The design looks a bit outdated.

Our top choices are:

  • Giro Mountain Bike Helmet

    Giro Mountain Bike Helmet
    • You get market-leading protection because it is engineered to advanced standards.
  • Retrospec Mountain Bike Helmet

    Retrospec Mountain Bike Helmet
    • This helmet shows durable construction and is injected with a dense and premium EPS foam lining.
  • ·        BASE CAMP Mountain Bike Helmet

    BASE CAMP Mountain Bike Helmet
    • It is the most protective and lightweight for mountain biking purposes.
  • Bell Soquel Mountain Bike Helmet

    Bell Soquel Mountain Bike Helmet
    • The in-mold construction guarantees protection from multi-directional shocks and impacts.
Best Mountain Bike Helmets – Video Guide

Here you ought to see durable construction, breathable design, removable visor, and washable padding. The dense foam interior keeps your skull protected, and it does not get fractured in case you have an accident or fall from the bike. Stay tuned!