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Have you ever heard about half helmets or brain buckets? These helmets are extensively used and preferred by cruisers. They claim to give 100% visibility time to the rider, which a modular or full-face helmet fails to offer. Its design is very different because your ears will be uncovered here.

Remember that you must put on this helmet with a goggle. Their robust and resilient construction makes sure that you remain safe from getting traumatic brain injuries.

Here we have reviewed the top 10 half helmets for our readers. You can go through their reviews. They look versatile and carry a quick-release chin strap, made of top-quality materials. In addition, the ABS Shell and interior are DOT FMVSS N218 certified.

A few of them have a drop-down visor, and now, you can jump onto the reviews:

Comparison table of Top 10 Best half helmets in 2023

 DesignInner linerUnique qualityPrice
Daytona Half HelmetLightweightMoisture-wickingY-strap lock for adjustmentCheck Price
VCAN Half HelmetDOT approvedSweat absorbingABS thermoplastic shellCheck Price
LS2 Half HelmetSafe and comfortablePlush and softBluetooth readyCheck Price
HTTMT Half HelmetGerman-styleFully paddedIncludes GogglesCheck Price
Cartman Half Face HelmetLightweight and high densityFully vented EPS liningSpecial graphicsCheck Price
Auboa Half HelmetClassicSoft and paddedDual adjustmentsCheck Price
Outlaw Helmets Half HelmetUnisexWashableAerodynamic shellCheck Price
1STorm Half Face HelmetGlossy and beautifulHypoallergenicRetractable smoked visorCheck Price
HJC CS-2N Half-HelmetAerodynamic and low profileWashable and removableAdjustable ventsCheck Price
ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Half HelmetAdvancedDual-density and padded linerRemovable ear flapsCheck Price
Best Half Helmet

1. Daytona Half Helmet

Key Specifications

BrandDaytona Helmets
ColorBlack Cherry Metallic
Suitable forMotorcycling
Vehicle compatibilitySport Bike, Cruiser, Street Bike, and Chopper
Daytona Half Helmet

Key Features

  • It has a lightweight design and is easy to wear and take off.
  • The Daytona Half Helmet acquires the DOT certification.
  • It hugs your head perfectly and keeps it safe from getting any injuries.
  • It has a sliding adjuster for precisely adjusting and positioning this helmet.

Loads of half helmets were launched; some impressed us, and some did not fulfill the needs of the riders. But here we have the Daytona Half Helmet, and hopefully, you will be satisfied with its performance. Most importantly, it escorts a lightweight design in it. The DOT certification increases its safety aspect, and it remains guaranteed that your head will be protected if you meet an accident.

You can see that this is a half-shell skull helmet that fulfills all D.O.T. FMVSS 218 safety benchmarks. It hugs your head in a way that 360-degree protection is assured. Overall, you will get a snug fit if you have picked the Daytona Half Helmet. In addition, the Y-strap lock is quick to release, and you can adjust the helmet with the help of a sliding adjuster. It is one of the safest bike headgear that you can have. It offers 100% safety and comfort on motorcycles, cruisers, cycles, scooters, and mopeds.

The inner liner has been supremely constructed. It looks moisture-wicking to keep your head sweat-free and cool during warm weather riding times. So, do you want to order this reviewed Half Skull Cap Helmet? You should be! It is a quality headgear and one of the smallest, lightest helmets ever launched. The low-profile skid lid, extensive impact protection, and expanded polystyrene padding make it safer and more comfortable.


  • Lightweight
  • 100% DOT-approved
  • Superior comfort


  • It is not Bluetooth ready

2. VCAN Half Helmet

Key Specifications

ColorFlat black
Suitable forMotorcycling
Vehicle compatibilityCruiser
VCAN Half Helmet

Key Features

  • The brand has more than 30 years of experience in making top-notch helmets.
  • The interior padding looks soft and comfortable and guarantees an excellent fit.
  • Moreover, the nylon chin straps are adjustable.
  • The outer shell is made of ABS thermoplastic material.

Uncountable cruisers have liked using this VCAN Half Helmet, and they have recommended this model to beginner-level cruisers as well. It is of top and excellent quality. The presence of ABS thermoplastic resin keeps the outer shell 100% resilient and shock-absorbing. Besides, the noticeable quality is that it meets the DOT benchmarks, which means safety is guaranteed and validated. The rider gets a comfortable fit because the interior padding is soft and plush.

On the other hand, the nylon chin straps are adjustable and secured by the double D-ring. This half-helmet even abides by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. VCAN is among the top manufacturers in the helmet niche, and this respective model has gained immense popularity among riders and cruisers. At first glance, it will capture your attention. If you have been tired of using low-quality half-helmets, we suggest you pick this one and see the magic.

It promises that not a single scratch will come on your head, and the riding time remains super safe and enjoyable. This model has undoubtedly revolutionized and brought immense improvements in the half-helmet market. The stylish design, resilient shell structure, and soft interior keep it lightweight and consistently push it to deliver top performance.


  • ABS thermoplastic shell
  • Plush interior padding
  • Adjustable and double D-ring


  • The package does not include goggles

3. LS2 Half Helmet

Key Specifications

Color1812 Black Flag
Suitable forMotorcycling
Vehicle compatibilitySport Bike and Cruiser
LS2 Half Helmet

Key Features

  • You can lock the drop-down sunscreen either halfway down or full.
  • It is Bluetooth-ready and lets you install your communication device.
  • This helmet offers a flow-through ventilation process.
  • The fabric liner is moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic.

The quality of LS2 Half Helmets never goes down. In the same way, this respective model has further raised the bar and benchmarks. Most noteworthy, it has an adjustable twin-shield system. You can lock the drop-down sunscreen either full or ½ way; the choice is yours. Guaranteed comfort and safety are there because it is certified by DOT and FMVSS 218.

Do you know that this model is also Bluetooth-ready? Yes, it is true! With the help of the LS2’s LinkIn Communication System, you can connect to the Bluetooth device and enjoy listening to music while riding. No exhausting and suffocating time will be experienced if you put on this half helmet because a thorough ventilation process remains injected. The whole fabric lining looks moisture-wicking, washable, and hypoallergenic.

Thus, do not waste any time and buy the LS2 Rebellion half helmet. Even if you wear this helmet during the hot days, your head will remain super cool because the entire ventilation mechanism seems to be ported and flow through. We can say that convenience and comfort are knocking at your doorstep. If you no longer want to use the traditional half helmets, try out this model, which shows the future technology. Yes, the LS2 Rebellion is designed and launched for you!


  • Drop-down sunscreen
  • DOT approved
  • Flow-through ventilation


  • The finishing does not look long-lasting

4. HTTMT Half Helmet

Key Specifications

Suitable forMotorcycling
Vehicle compatibilityCruiser
HTTMT Half Helmet

Key Features

  • The package includes goggles as well.
  • It is UV protective finished.
  • The construction is lightweight and infused with a composite shell.
  • It is 100% comfortable and safe to wear.

If you think it seems challenging to get a half helmet that is UV protective finished, you are wrong! We have the HTTMTHalf Helmet, and guess what it is UV-protective finished. The package includes goggles which is another bonus point of it. This half helmet looks so lightweight to wear, safe to use, and escorted with the composite shell to increase its resilience and performance. Alongside, the interior is soft, and the dual D-ring lets you adjust the helmet with convenience.

You can have it for touring and cruising. It meets every single DOT safety standard, and the goggles are available in the split design and deliver optical quality as long as you are riding. The lenses of these goggles are also scratch-resistant. So, in the package, you will get one piece of DOT Half Helmet and one piece of Goggles. HTTMT has launched an enormous number of half helmets till now, and all of them gained thumbs up and praise from the audiences. Similarly, this model looks satisfactory and safe to use. Apart from having a killer design, it carries a low-profile look.

The internal cushioning and soft padding promise to keep the rider’s head hurt-free. Minimal padding is there so that the rider does not feel suffocated and uncomfortable. Moreover, the helmet stays in place because it is adjustable, and you can tighten or lose it according to your needs. It is high time to stop using those helmets which get chipped, contains low-quality padding, and never sit on your head.


  • UV protective finished
  • Durable composite shell
  • Plush and Soft interior


  • Goggle included being sized only for the adults

5. Cartman Half-Face Helmet

Key Specifications

Suitable forCycling and Motorcycling
Vehicle compatibilityCruiser
Cartman Half Face Helmet

Key Features

  • It has a fully vented, soft, and high-density EPS liner.
  • The quick-release buckle lets you comfortably wear it and hassle-freely take it off.
  • The design looks classic, and unique graphics are embossed.
  • You can have it for outdoor sports, cycling, or motorcycle riding.

Be it any half helmet, it has to be DOT approved, and our next recommendation, the Cartman Half Face Helmet, meets this exact benchmark. The Cartman brand promises that its helmets fulfill the Motor Vehicle Safety benchmarks and received formal approval and certification from the DOT FMVSS No. 218. The design looks exceptionally lightweight, fully vented, and of high-density nature.

In addition, the ABS shell has been constructed on the most advanced terms, and the EPS liner remains fully vented this time. You will get 100% protection and comfortable wearing time. Its adjustment process is hassle-free to perform, and you can make it tight or loose even if you have put on gloves.

The exceptional graphics, stylish design, and classic look make it a hi-fi half helmet. Before you buy it, you must take measurements of your head circumference and correctly determine its shape so that the helmet fits perfectly. Thorough protection is given to the head, and your riding time will become risk and hurt-free for sure.


  • Vented EPS liner
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Classic look


  • Limited guarantee

6. Auboa Half Helmet

Key Specifications

ColorMatte black
Suitable forCycling and Motorcycling
Vehicle compatibilityCruiser
Auboa Half Helmet

Key Features

  • It contains a tinted sun visor that is quick to remove and retract.
  • There are two adjustable parts embossed in this helmet.
  • It meets the DOT standards.
  • It is a suitable pick for street bikes, choppers, scooters, and cruisers.

You can now upgrade your half helmet collection, and among the reliable and trustworthy models, we have the Auboa Half Helmet. It looks extensively stylish and comfortable. Cruisers and bicyclists always strive and remain eager to look for the half helmet, which assures safety and stands out in the crowd, and all such qualities are present in this model.

Moreover, it guarantees custom fit and looks 100% sleek and attractive. It is crafted so that you will immediately notice it in the crowd. The upgraded ABS shell and high-density EPS liner give thorough protection when riding on the riskiest roads and paths. You can also see that this product has been assembled and includes a tinted sun visor. You can remove or retract it; the choice is yours.

On the other hand, the drop-down sun shield reduces glare and keeps the eyes protected from wind, UV rays, and sunlight. There are two adjustable components: the dialing adjuster and the quick-release chin strap. With such an advanced adjustment mechanism, you can make the Auboa Half Helmet get fit all head shapes. Thus, accompany it with a touring bike, street bike, cruiser, or scooter, and let us know your reviews.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Superior protection
  • Retractable Visor


  • A bit late delivery process

7. Outlaw Helmets Half Helmet

Key Specifications

BrandOutlaw Helmets
Suitable forMotorcycling
Vehicle compatibilitySport Bike, Cruiser, Scooter, Street Bike, and Chopper
Outlaw Helmets Half Helmet

Key Features

  • It absorbs impacts because of the presence of the high-density EPS liner.
  • It makes you a confident rider, and you can risk-free ride on uneven paths.
  • The helmet looks lightweight, and it has a compact design.
  • The aerodynamic shell has a glossy surface and even a UV-protective finish.

The Outlaw Helmets Half Helmet seems to be one of the promising helmet models. If you think that modular or full-face helmets are uncomfortable, you can definitely switch to the half helmet. The Department of Transportation DOT has approved this model and heavily praised it. Moreover, it meets the US FMVSS No. 218 standards. The design has been engineered to absorb maximum shocks and dents.

Rest, the EPS lining is thoroughly and wholly vented. It is of multi-density nature and absorbs impact every time you meet an unfortunate accident. Whether on the motorcycle, bicycle, cruiser, or chopper, wearing a half helmet is a must. It comes with small footprints, is available in a compact design, and looks incredibly 100% lightweight. The weight is only 2.2 lbs, and its small design lets you secure this helmet even in your backpack.

The Polycarbonate shell construction, easy push and pull mechanism, and adjustable nylon chin straps make it a super-advanced helmet model. It also includes the snap-release buckle and a tinted sun visor. The brand has designed it in a unisex manner; that is why both men and women can have it.


  • Polycarbonate shell construction
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Include a sun visor


  • Limited colors availability

8. 1STorm Half Face Helmet

Key Specifications

ColorGlossy black
Suitable forMotorcycling
Vehicle compatibilityScooter
1STorm Half Face Helmet

Key Features

  • The inner smoked visor is retractable.
  • The outer shell is made of thermoplastic alloy and is aerodynamically designed.
  • In addition, the design looks beautiful and glossy.
  • It is officially DOT-approved.

One of the formally DOT-approved half helmets we have for you is a 1STorm Half Face Helmet! You can have it in a small size, and its padding is washable and detachable. The design looks stylish, aerodynamic, and thoroughly lightweight, and contains an alloy-made outer shell. Furthermore, the outer surface has the most beautiful, attractive, and glossy finish injected. It is even UV-protective finished.

So, if you have been searching for a low-profile helmet, you can pick up this suggestion. It looks modern, compact, and sleek and guarantees the utmost protection for your head. To all enthusiasts’ riders, it is an essential and advanced headgear that you must try out. Besides, you will get a perfect fit due to Dual-Density EPS technology and comfort liner injection.

This helmet certifies life safety whether on the highway, on uneven roads, or on twisted paths. The exclusive detailing and advanced features make it a different and outstanding model. You will even spot the chinstrap buckle, drop-down, and sun-resistant shields. The snap-in neck curtain is removable, and the speaker pockets further accompany it.


  • Retractable Smoked Visor
  • Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
  • UV Protective Finish


  • Comparatively, a bit heavy

9. HJC CS-2N Half-Helmet

Key Specifications

BrandHJC Helmets
Suitable forMotorcycling
Vehicle compatibilityStreet-sport-motorcycles and Scooters
HJC CS-2N Half-Helmet

Key Features

  • It promises a superior fit and runs on advanced CAT technology.
  • The forehead vents are adjustable
  • The zip-out neck curtain remains removable.
  • The visor is aerodynamically designed, and it is of a low-profile nature.

Rest, we have the HJC CS-2N Half-Helmet! The helmet is based on advanced CAD technology, and you will get the best safety experience from it. The alloy shell has been designed on technically advanced terms, and you will undoubtedly witness superior fitting time and a perfect amount of comfort. In addition, the EPS liner is thoroughly impact-absorbing.

If unfortunately, you have an accident, your skull will not get hurt because the HJC CS-2N Half-Helmet will safeguard it. On the other hand, the forehead vents are fully adjustable. You can remove the Zip-Out Neck Curtain whenever you feel like and there are also Built-In Speaker Pockets.

Thus, it is a dynamic-looking half helmet that we have shortlisted for you. Its layout looks extensively configured and advanced. The plush inner liner successfully meets the DOT certification standards; that is why cruisers love this helmet. Besides, the smoke shield brings down the glare, and you can safely ride under the UV rays.


  • Impact Absorbing and Premium EPS Liner
  • Adjustable Vents
  • Removable Neck Curtain


  • The surface coating might get chipped if not correctly taken care of.

10. ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Half Helmet

Key Specifications

ColorBlack and gold
Suitable forCycling
Vehicle compatibilityStreet-sport-motorcycles, Street Bikes, and snowmobiles  
ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Half Helmet

Key Features

  • The ear flaps are removable and have pockets for accommodating Bluetooth devices.
  • You will get five years of warranty time.
  • The EPS liner is of dual-density nature.
  • The ventilation system looks advanced and aero-tuned.

Reaching the concluding part of this top ten product list, we have the ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Half Helmet. You can see that the outer shell is made of polycarbonate, and it looks so large, robust, and resilient. Rest, it has the drop-down sun visor and is infused with the KwikWick II comfort liner. You can remove the ear flaps whenever you feel there is a need.

The catchy part is that these ear flaps come with pockets to accommodate any communication or Bluetooth device. On buying the ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Half Helmet, you will get five years of warranty time. Moreover, it is exclusively DOT-approved and formally meets the FMVSS 218 Standards.

The EXO-C110 is the next-generation half helmet that remains applauded by riders. It looks classic, and the premium ventilation system keeps your head cool and relaxed during a long ride. It is available in sizes from X-Small to 2X-large; you can pick the comfortable one to wear. Above and beyond, the lightweight shell is made of advanced polycarbonate.


  • Comfort liner
  • Five-year warranty
  • DOT approved


  • Limited lifespan


Gone are the days when riders and cruisers used to be spotted with traditional and low-quality helmet designs. These days, the trend of wearing half helmets is back in the town. We have reviewed above the top 10 half helmet suggestions; you can pick any one of them as they are safe, comfortable, and stylish to wear.

Our top choices are:

  • Daytona Half Helmet
  • VCAN Half Helmet
  • LS2 Half Helmet

How to Select the Best Half Helmet?

The above-suggested half helmets remain certified and approved by the Department of Transportation DOT. They look attractive to both men and women because the unisex design concept has been infused. Moreover, the polycarbonate alloy shell, impact absorbent liner, and adjustable nylon chin straps make these helmets superior to their competitors. Stay tuned!