Best Full Face Cruiser Helmets – (Affordable Budget)

A man having with beautiful helmet riding the cruiser

The best full-face cruiser helmets offer a comfortable fit and complete protection to the head, face, and neck. Moreover, they have soft padding and multiple vents.

Cruising, commuting, touring, and street or dirt biking activities look incomplete if you have not put on a top-notch, quality full-face helmet. We have collected some valuable and useful full-face cruiser helmet recommendations here. They are DOT approved, accompany adjustable chin straps and multiple vents, and offer a comfortable fit.

In addition, the rugged shell and plush lining are designed to absorb impacts and resist all shocks, energies, and forces which might hurt your brain. All crashes are absorbed by the shell and EPS liner, and the rider’s life will remain safe. Below you can see what is so special about these best full-face cruiser helmets:

Comparison table of Top 10 Best full face Cruiser helmets in 2023

 Lens/ VisorDesignUnique qualityPrice
YEMA Full Face Cruiser HelmetDual lens designStreamlined and Aerodynamic DesignComfortable and soft Inner PaddingCheck Price
TCT-MT Full Face Cruiser HelmetFlip-up visorMeets the DOT safety standardsGlossy finishCheck Price
ILM Full Face Cruiser HelmetInternal sun visorBluetooth technology-ready designMulti-density linersCheck Price
1Storm Full Face Cruiser HelmetDual visor and inner sun shieldLightweight and durableUV protective finishCheck Price
WOW! Full Face Cruiser HelmetClear visorAerodynamic designThree-position ventilation channelsCheck Price
AHR RUN-M Full Face Cruiser HelmetBuilt-in Double VisorsStreamlinedEasy to wearCheck Price
TIANDU Motocross Full Face Cruiser HelmetClear visorHigh impact resistance designQuick-release claspCheck Price
Typhoon TH158 Full Face Cruiser HelmetRetractable and tinted sun visorHigh-impact resistance designDOT approvedCheck Price
TRIANGLE “Graffiti Cross” Full Face Cruiser HelmetClear and premium visorThermoplastic technologically designedMulti-density and soft EPS linerCheck Price
TBTBZXCV Full Face Cruiser HelmetFlip-up and dual visorsLightweightAnti-fog outer lensCheck Price

1. YEMA Full Face Cruiser Helmet

YEMA Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • It is a modular, flip-up, and full-face helmet.
  • This cruiser helmet comes with a dual-lens design.
  • There is an inner smoked lens and also a clear outer shield.
  • The vents are fully adjustable.

Key Specifications

BrandYEMA Helmet
DesignStreamlined and Aerodynamic Design
USPComfortable and Soft Inner Padding

If you are a responsible rider, you should also be very conscious regarding which helmet type ensures safety and comfort! Among so many full-face helmets meant for cruising, commuting, and touring, we have the YEMA Full Face Cruiser Helmet. It is an advanced-looking headgear with a dual-lens design and guarantees 100% safety for the rider. You will spot the clear outer shield as well as the inner smoked lens.

Furthermore, the inner padding is soft and comfortable. The cheek pads are detachable, and the choice is up to the rider whether he wants to keep the padding inside the helmet or not. You might have seen that many cheap-quality full-face helmets are suffocating to wear because their vents are poorly designed.

But the vents of the YEMA Full Face Cruiser Helmet are designed on the pro standards, and the rider will only catch a cool and breathable experience. In addition, the design is purely advanced, aerodynamic, and streamlined. The wind noise is reduced if you ride with a full-face helmet. You can even have it for dirt biking, snowmobiling, skateboarding, or off-road adventuring and touring.


  • Dual Lens Design
  • Comfortable Inner Padding
  • Streamlined and Aerodynamic Design


  • Slow customer service

2. TCT-MT Full Face Cruiser Helmet

TCT-MT Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • The headgear is extensively UV-protective finished.
  • It has a beautiful glossy touch to it.
  • The design is lightweight and packed with a 100% durable composite shell.
  • Rest, it has removable padding, a well-vented design, and a flip-up visor.

Key Specifications

Color#A-Black & Pink Butterfly
DesignMeets the DOT safety standards
USPGlossy finish

The brands launch uncountable full-face helmet models. But TCT-MT Full Face Cruiser Helmet quickly catches our attention. Here we will tell you why! It has removable padding and a flip-up visor and is well-vented. In addition, the helmet featured UV protective finishing, a glossy effect, and rugged construction. The outer part encases the hard composite shell, which absorbs impacts and keeps the rider’s head safe as long as he is commuting or cruising in the vehicle.

Rest, the shell construction is heavily cushioned so that no injury reaches any brain section. Riders have opinionated that the interior of this helmet is also super comfortable. The padding and adjustable vents make it a multi-purpose helmet that you can wear for the summer and winter seasons.

This reviewed item catches many positive reviews and strong audience support because it is DOT certified. Note that the package includes 1x Helmet and 1x helmet Bag. It is in the black and pink color that this headgear is available. So, do you want to get this heavily cushioned helmet? You can have it because it makes the riding, touring, or cruising sessions super safe and simultaneously enjoyable too!


  • Meets the DOT Safety Standard
  • Includes a Helmet Bag
  • Glossy finish


  • There is no dual-lens design

3. ILM Full Face Cruiser Helmet

ILM Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • It has a Bluetooth-ready design.
  • There are multi-density liners in it.
  • The chin guard system can be lifted by pressing the release button.
  • The ventilation system runs on a one-touch control mechanism.

Key Specifications

ColorMatte Black
DesignBluetooth technology ready design
USPMulti-density liners

Have you ever got lucky to put on a full-face helmet that is also Bluetooth-ready? If not, we have arrived to fulfill this wish. Just order the ILM Full Face Cruiser Helmet and see how technically sound and advanced this headgear is! Apart from absorbing impacts, it lets you connect your Bluetooth or other communication devices. Moreover, it has multi-density liners which are detachable and washable. The liners are located at the top and ear sides.

On the other hand, the chin guard system lets you transform this full-face helmet into a flip-up helmet. This is amazing! Hit the release button, and the chin guard will be lifted. Besides, the chin curtain prevents the rider from feeling cold, and he will not get disturbed if the wind blows. Many riders have found this helmet one of the stylish options because its outer lens is present in tinted colors.

With the incorporation of the Bluetooth technology 3.0 versions, you will get 8 hours of talk time, and the standby time extends up to 110 hours. One-touch control is needed, and you can effortlessly answer or reject incoming calls. You can even listen to music and FM Radio. Thus, invest in helmets that meet the DOT safety standards for the safest cruising session.


  • Adjustable vents
  • Bluetooth technology-ready design
  • Integrated sun shield


  • The package does not include a helmet bag

4. 1Storm Full Face Cruiser Helmet

1Storm Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • This full-face headgear has a durable and lightweight design.
  • The padding can be removed and washed easily.
  • Dual visors are there, which are packed with an advanced modular design.
  • The quick-release buckle keeps the helmet secured and intact on the rider’s head.

Key Specifications

ColorAero blue
DesignLightweight and durable
USPUV protective finish

Here we have another DOT-approved headgear! It is this 1Storm Full Face Cruiser Helmet. The dual-lens design and modular, flip-up nature make it an extensively versatile helmet. By incorporating a clear shield and inner smoked lens, the rider catches a clear view and rides safely. No doubt, it is a flexibly designed helmet that you can have for touring, dirt biking, cruising, or cycling.

Furthermore, the dual visors make this gear a perfect pick. It is up to the rider whether he wants to use the shield or visor or not because both of these components are easy to attach and quick to remove. Thus, the rider will get thorough protection from this full-face helmet because the ABS shell and EPS lining are aerodynamically designed and multi-density in nature.

There are a total of six vents in it. Two are located on the front side, the other two are spotted at the top, and the remaining two are on the backside of this helmet. With these vents, the rider catches a breathable experience, hot air is exhausted, and cool air intake processing is carried out.


  • Light Weight
  • Aerodynamic and Durable Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
  • UV Protective Finish


  • The absence of Bluetooth technology-ready design

5. WOW! Full Face Cruiser Helmet

WOW! Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • It has three positioned ventilation channels.
  • The shell has an aerodynamic design and is made of thermoplastic allows.
  • It is fully DOT approved.
  • Both the exterior and interior sides are heavily cushioned.

Key Specifications

ColorMatte black
DesignAerodynamic Design
USPThree-position ventilation channels

WOW! EZ FINISHES Full Face Cruiser Helmet comes with the next recommendation! Experts have advised that instead of wearing a half-face helmet, it is suggested to put on the full-face headgear version because that ensures more safety and absorbs more shocks and impacts.

This reviewed helmet is DOT certified, durable, rugged, and lightweight, and the shell is made of Thermoplastic Alloy. Unfortunately, if you fall from the bike, your head will most like to remain safe and hurt-free because the rugged shell safeguards it the minute you get hit or face a crash. Overall, it ensures safety and fully protects the head, skull bones, neck, and face.

You can also call it a flip-up modular helmet. Dirt and street bikers, touring riders, and adventurists have preferred wearing the WOW! EZ FINISHES Full Face Cruiser Helmet because it is heavily cushioned. The visors offer a clear view, and you will get a double clear view during the night, on windy or intense sunny days.


  • Three-position ventilation channels
  • Washable Padding
  • Ideal for cruisers and Street Bikers


  • You will not spot a thorough UV Protective Finish

6. AHR RUN-M Full Face Cruiser Helmet

AHR RUN-M Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • It promises to make your driving time safer.
  • It shows the injection of a fully vented EPS liner and impact-absorbing ABS shell.
  • The design brings down wind noise as well as drag.
  • There is a quick-release buckle for securely and properly holding the helmet.

Key Specifications

USPBuilt-in Double Visors

How amazing will it be to cruise or ride on a DOT-approved helmet? If you could not find a suitable headgear pick, we suggest choosing the AHR RUN-M Full Face Cruiser Helmet. It is of reliable and exceptional quality. Most importantly, its construction guarantees to keep the rider in the safest hands. You can commute or cruise securely as long as this helmet is with you. You can well spot that this one is the Modular flip-up helmet that fulfills the Department of Transportation standards. It fully covers and protects your head from getting scratches or injuries.

Moreover, the flip-up design lets you eat or drink while riding. That is amazing! You do not have to take off your entire helmet to get a sip of water; simply flip up the visor, and that is all! Rest, the ABS shell, EPS liner, premium vents, and built-in double visors oomph the riding time. The visor offers a wide and clear field of view, and both the inner sun visor and front visor show immense resistance to impacts.

Besides, the brand has encased this helmet with an internal dark visor to ensure double eye protection, which pushes the rider to ride safely under the sunlight. AHR has over 20 years of experience and ensures every customer ride gets super safer. So, make your next trip enjoyable and double safer with the company of this AHR RUN-M Full Face Cruiser Helmet.


  • Reliable High Quality
  • Built-in Double Visors
  • Quick Release Buckle


  • Expensive

7. TIANDU Motocross Full Face Cruiser Helmet

TIANDU Motocross Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • The package includes one helmet, face shield, and goggles.
  • The ABS shell shows the highest and maximum resistance to impacts.
  • There is a personalized and attractive color pattern on it.
  • The design is heavily streamlined.

Key Specifications

DesignHigh impact resistance design
USPQuick Release Clasp

Hold on! Your life is at risk if you are cruising without a helmet on your head. This is the most vital protective gear you must wear before turning on the bike. Among many top picks, we have the TIANDU Motocross Full Face Cruiser Helmet. The package includes one helmet, face shield, goggles, and cross-country gloves.

Moreover, the straps are micro metrically adjustable, and the shell absorbs intense impacts and forces without hurting your head or skull bones. The colored patterns infused on the headgear make it more stylish looking. Besides, the brand has kept the design streamlined, impact-resistant and aerodynamic this time. Such a helmet quickly brings down wind noise.

Thus, the rider’s safety is endorsed repeatedly from the TIANDU side. You can have this FMVSS-218 and DOT-certified helmet and ride comfortably without thinking about any risk of having an injury. This product’s other noticeable features are a quick-release clasp and inner lining padding.


  • High Resistance ABS Shell
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Quick Release Clasp


  • Limited guarantee

8. Typhoon TH158Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Typhoon TH158 Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • The helmet contains easy to actuate button for opening and closing this headgear.
  • The vents allow maximum airflow.
  • You will get a carrying bag as well in the package.
  • It is available at an affordable price.

Key Specifications

BrandTyphoon Helmets
DesignVentilated Design
USPRetractable and tinted sun visor

No doubt, full-face helmets offer full-face and complete head protection. Riders have found the Typhoon TH158Full Face Cruiser Helmet a commendable option, and you can try it too! It fulfills the standards and benchmarks as stated by DOT. With this easy-to-trigger button, you can open and close this helmet in a second. No fuss is there while putting it on and taking it off.

In addition, the sun visor is thoroughly tinted. It is even retractable, which has brought further ease for the rider. If you are interested in buying the Typhoon TH158Full Face Cruiser Helmet, you need to determine your head shape. The head shape affects and decides how perfectly the helmet will get fit.

There is no denying that the helmets made by Typhoons are safe and reliable to use. They are loaded and packed with many features that promise the rider’s safety every time he gets onto the bike. The sculpted design of the shell and fully aerodynamic body are its other catchy features. Thus, a perfect quality helmet is ready to make your cruising or touring time 200% safer and enjoyable.


  • Retractable and tinted sun visor
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • DOT certified


  • You might see discomfort when wearing it with a ponytail

9. TRIANGLE “Graffiti Cross” Full Face Cruiser Helmet

TRIANGLE “Graffiti Cross” Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • The shell is made based on high-pressure and impact-resistant thermoplastic technology.
  • The EPS lining has been of multi-density nature.
  • There are top and rear vents encased on the helmet.
  • The interior liner can be removed and washed.

Key Specifications

ColorMatte black
DesignThermoplastic technologically designed
USPMulti-Density and Soft EPS liner

The next recommendation which grabs our attention is this TRIANGLE “Graffiti Cross” Full Face Cruiser Helmet. It is also DOT-approved and loaded with premium features that riders, bikers, and cruisers have fallen in love with. Most importantly, the shell is based on thermoplastic and high-impact resistance technology.

On the other hand, the EPS lining absorbs forces and energies that might hurt your brain if not controlled and absorbed in time. The rider is given complete freedom whenever he wants to remove, wash and replace the interior lining for getting more comfortable riding time. Moreover, the brand has guaranteed that the EPS foam absorbs even the highest and most intense impacts and keeps the rider’s head, face, and neck injury-free.

You can see that the ventilation slots are located on the top and front, and you can easily open or close them whenever you want to, according to the weather condition. These vents bring down the noise levels and wind resistance, and the rider feels cool and comfortable. Lastly, the quick-release buckle has adjustable straps, which will make it hassle-free for the rider to take on and take off the helmet.


  • Rugged ABS shell
  • Multi-Density and soft EPS liner
  • Designed on the high pressure and advanced thermoplastic technology


  • Runs out of stock quickly

10. TBTBZXCV Full Face Cruiser Helmet

TBTBZXCV Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Key Features

  • The quick-release buckle mechanism guarantees perfect protection and custom fit.
  • It meets all ECE and DOT safety standards.
  • The outer lens is of HD and anti-fog nature.
  • Its weight is only 1400 grams and does not bring fatigue to the neck as long as you wear it.

Key Specifications

USPAnti-fog outer lens

The TBTBZXCV Full Face Cruiser Helmet has been launched to make touring, street biking, and cruising time safer. Here we have written down the unbiased review! Starting with, it functions on the quick-release buckle mechanism, meets the DOT safety standards, contains multiple vents and the outer lens exhibits high definition and remains anti-fog in nature.

Full-face helmets give safe and fully protected cruising time, and that is why they have always been the top pick among riders and bikers. Besides, the ABS shell accompanies the dual visor, and there are also replaceable liners as well as a highly advanced ventilation system. You will not feel suffocating while riding in the hot time because there is a mouth vent that improves breathing and keeps the rider comfortable and completely relaxed.

Rest, the outer lens is anti-fog and gives a 100% clear and crisp view during extreme weather like rainy, windy conditions. The only drawback is that you cannot wipe these anti-fog lenses. Thus, it is a Professional Grade, and full-face helmet recommended to you. You must not miss out on trying it because it has a heavily cushioned interior and excellent impact resistance.


  • Quick Buckle
  • Ventilation Holes
  • Anti-fog outer lens


  • Limited colors


We have ended our discussion now on the best and high-end full-face cruiser helmets. We hope that the details, as mentioned earlier, might have given you a rough idea regarding which helmets should be worn when cruising, touring, and street and dirt biking.

The Review of ILM Cruiser Helmet will tell you how to choose the best full-face cruiser helmet.

Our top choices are:

The suggested full-face helmets are lightweight, packed with a rugged ABS shell, impact-absorbing EPS liner, and multiple vents, and promise the utmost comfort and safety. Stay tuned!