Bell SRT Helmet Review – (Modular Helmet)

Bell srt Helmet

The reason our team was forced to do this review was unique. Most helmet manufacturers produce full-face helmets. However, Bell Helmets began its journey to fame with its ideal modular helmets. Then they made their flawless full helmet, and the Bell SRT helmet is a perfect example of this.

To make this review possible, we exchanged interviews with various competitors and industry professionals. This modular helmet is relatively new on the market. This means that you will not find many people to comment on this helmet. So let’s talk about the features of helmets tried by hundreds of cyclists.

All the details we wrote below are checked by our team to make sure you only get the real information.

Bell SRT Helmet | Cruiser’s Perfection


Bell’s SRT Modular aims to offer many features that a modern rider will appreciate without overburdening the stock market. With versatility at the forefront, the new Bell SRT Modular is designed to handle your commute, hike in fast canyons, or take you on long journeys.

SRT Modular is a helmet that is made of a fiberglass composite shell, which can perform various functions on the street. Bell opted for a bowl with two outer shell sizes – XS-L and XL-3XL – which allows them to determine the entire head size using three EPS sizes. It also carries DOT and ECE certifications, which cover riders in the American and European markets.

The modular design is quite a lot great and allows you to fully communicate with the bank tellers without having to worry about stealing from a particular financial institution.

Whether at traffic lights or on higher rides, I enjoy it because I can immediately relax or have a drink and then back on the road.

Key Specifications

SizeMediumRecommended UsesMotorcycling
ColorGloss WhiteBrandBell
Vehicle typeStreet type, UTV, ScooterDimension‎17.72 x 11.42 x 12.99 inches
Weight3.3 poundsSafety Rating‎DOT Certified
Key Specifications of Bell SRT Helmet Review

Key Features

After a discussion on the product overview and specs, it is important to know what main features are part of this great helmet. Let’s highlight a few of its positive features below:

1. Design & Built

The Bell full-face helmet is available in three different sizes. Although the helmets inside look great when worn, they are comfortable and soft. One disadvantage of their size is that they are not made for people with an oval head. The cheeks on this helmet are thin, so you don’t feel any pressure on your face.

You will find this helmet in three colors. For people who want a simple color, they can choose to buy it even in the color of matte black. In addition, they also launched with glossy white and glossy black helmets.

What’s more, the company continues to introduce new graphics options for its models. There is a possibility that you will see something unexpected in the future.

A person riding his cruiser bike
Bell SRT Helmet Review

2. Modes

The best thing about full-face amazing helmets is that they are much safer. A large percentage of people suffer spinal and neck injuries after motorcycle accidents. This can happen when someone comes on the road after bumping into something. Many of these cases occur at a traffic light when the wheel hits a stationary car.

This is where a full helmet absorbs the force of the impact on the back of your head. In addition, it prevents you from turning your head.

3. Panovision Visor

In addition to the robust exterior, a wide Panovision lens is available. This lens ensures a clearer view in all directions. It’s a long-term way, to be honest, and expect the shield to provide an above-average level of impact protection.

4. Ventilation System

The open hinge of this helmet will blow air to keep it well-ventilated. You may think that mouthwash will strengthen it. However, this is not a scenario. This helmet is quieter than other full-face helmets. In fact, full-face helmets are quieter than modular helmets.

5. Recessed EPS for device access

The built-in EPS allows you to insert speakers like any communication device into the jacks near the visor. There are also many places to wear goggles with a helmet. Thanks to the 5-year warranty, you can replace it if you want.

A rider with his bike
Bell SRT Helmet Review

6. Maintenance

The fabric that covers the padding of this SRT helmet is soft, flat, and firm. So if it sticks to your cheeks, neck, and head, you will not feel tight. Manufacturers only use very good quality materials.

Inside, it absorbs sweat and moisture well. So you can ride at 20 degrees Celsius without sweating.

The entire lining is washable. You do not need any special chemicals to wash it, as it is cleaned with any common shampoo or detergent.

In this insert, you cannot observe the growth of microbial colonies due to the design.


  • Versatile fiberglass shell
  • Safe full-face helmet
  • Easy-to-use sunscreen
  • ECE and DOT certified
  • The visor provides a good view
  • Wide integrated speaker boxes
  • Exclusive grooves for glasses
  • Reliable 5-year warranty


  • Airflow is limited
  • No Pinlock liner and sunscreen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bell SRT quiet?

I have to say that Bell is wiser to be more aggressive with “blades and swoops” built into the shell because SRT Modular is not a much quieter helmet compared to others on the market.

Is Bell SRT Snell approved?

SRT is from Bell as a full helmet with DOT and Snell ratings. The SRT, suitable for glasses, has pockets for speakers and a Panovision screen.

Is Bell Helmet good?

Bell is a brand with a wide attraction among new and experienced riders of all riding classes and styles. They have a lot of helmets that look great, have solid features, and are DOT and SNELL certified. Overall a good brand of motorcycle helmet, which we highly recommend!


If you are looking for a decent modular helmet with a wide selection of functions, SRT Modular is a suitable choice. While it doesn’t have the quality of its much higher competition, you can’t deny that you get a lot of features for your dollar. This is a full-face helmet made by a company that is known for products of the highest design quality. After studying this review, you will realize that it is worth your attention. Those with limited budgets should purchase this helmet to ensure their safety.