Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review

Bell custom 500 Helmet

Fashion never goes out of style for no reason. With its timeless appeal, razor-sharp looks, and custom fit, the Bell Custom 500 is a favorite of old-school riders and the younger generations. Bell offers a wide range of sizes and finishes on this great helmet that features cutting-edge modern materials.

Let’s see how the original classic holds up to the standards of modern helmets in this review of the Custom 500 helmet.

These are the kinds of great motorcycle helmets that come to mind when riders think of old-school helmets. Detachable sun visor, bubble-like shell, well-made chin strap. While riding, you will be kept dry by the outer shell made of highly durable fiberglass and the interior padding made of modern fast-wicking fabric.

The bell custom 500 helmet is a winner because of its finishes. Few helmets offer so many looks and styles. Do you want a classic metal flake in a vibrant color? Here you go!

Bell Custom 500


The Custom 500 Carbon helmet is made entirely of carbon fiber, not decorative carbon like most helmets today. Thanks to its complete carbon construction and suede leather interior lining, the Custom 500 Carbon is lightweight and comfortable (less than two pounds).

Bell Custom 500 Carbon RSD features gloss and matte silver with black graphics by Roland Sands and comes in nine different colors with a chrome style trim around the bottom of the helmet. The Bell Custom 500 Carbon has a retro and stylish design available in nine different colors with a chrome-style trim ring.

It is essentially the same as the Custom 500 Carbon but with a little series of extra flair. Whatever color or style you select, you will surely appreciate the classic look reminiscent of 1960s biker photos.

Key Specifications

SizeMediumRecommended UsesMotorcycling
ColorMatte BlackBrandBELL
Vehicle typeATV, Street-sport-motorcycles, or Off-Road Bike, Scooter, UTV & Street BikeDimension‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight‎3.65 poundsSafety Rating‎DOT Certified
Key Specifications of Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Key Features           

After discussing the overview and the specs, let’s move to the main section which is about the discussion on features of the Bell Custom 500 helmet:

1. Construct and design

As we mentioned before, a fiberglass composite shell makes up the Bell 500 helmet. Let’s take a closer look at this shell. The 1930s saw the development of this element. At the time, fiberglass was the best material for protection.

You will find all the features you desire in a helmet here: flexibility, lightweight, and affordability.

It is possible to make a helmet that fits your head easily with this material. Crash helmets can be made of fiberglass. Crash helmets are of high quality and will meet your expectations.

Carbon fiber versions of the helmet are also available. The material is not new. Helmets made of this material are the best in the world.

2. Fitting & Sizing

Those with oval heads will benefit from the Bell 500 helmet. It turns out that most people have this shape of the head. Because of this, the helmet fits 90% of the population.

A bike rider riding driving in full speed
Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review

EPS liners and five separate shells make up this helmet.

  • Shell 1: XS and SM Helmets
  • Shell 2: MD Helmet
  • Shell 3: LG Helmet
  • Shell 4: XL Helmet
  • Shell 5: 2XL Helmet

It means that no matter how big or even small your head is, you will get a fitting size. Before you decide to buy a helmet, we recommend determining the size of your head first.

It also has five snaps for attaching face shields and visors later on.

3. Safety

The helmet is fitted with a double-ring strap that allows it to fit nicely on your head. This improves protection.

The DOT and ECE recognize the Bell 500 helmet! Bell helmets are known for their quality and durability. Therefore, we have high hopes for this helmet. This helmet is an excellent choice if you avoid taking any additional risks.

Our advice is that this is the best option for scooters, cruisers, and low-speed motorcycles. The only exception is if you are riding a speedy motorcycle.

4. Face Shield

Sun visors or face shields are not built into the Bell 500 helmet. However, they can easily be added if necessary. A visor must be purchased separately in that case. A snap bubble shield can be attached to the top of the helmet using three snaps. By adding this shield, the helmet will provide improved overall protection and a new look or feel. If you wear a face shield, it’s ultimately up to you.

5. Noise

While riding, it makes a lot of noise since the front of the helmet is empty.

Many users of open-face helmets say it’s cool to have an open-face helmet. Unfortunately, it makes a lot of noise on the highway. At high speeds, the noise can increase even more.

A rider with helmet on his head
Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review

Wearing earplugs is advised if you feel your ride is too noisy. The first condition for your safety on a motorcycle is to ride safely.

6. Comfort

You can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable ride with the Custom 500 if you select the fitting helmet.

A low profile and classic look are achieved with the inner liner. Wearing this helmet is very comfortable thanks to its multi-EPS liner.


  • Pull tab for leather D-ring
  • Finished in matte black
  • The chin strap is padded
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • A 5-year warranty is included


  • Costly

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Bell helmets last for how long?

Bell recommends that you replace your helmet every three (3) years.

What is the best size for a Bell helmet?

You should measure the circumference of your head approximately an inch above your eyebrows on the front and at the largest point on the back of your head. Measure more than once. Your first measurement should be the largest one.

What is the DOT approval status of Bell Helmets?

The helmets produced by Bell meet or exceed the DOT Safety Standard No. 218 issued by the United States Department of Transportation. In addition to meeting Snell Memorial Foundation M2010 standards, most Bell helmets are also Snell M2010 certified.


Bell Custom 500 Helmet has done its best to meet your needs.

The Custom 500 helmet has a low profile and is of low quality. There is a fiberglass and carbon shell to ensure durability. Bluetooth headsets and microphones are available as options.

As an open-faced helmet, this helmet isn’t safe. It is also true that you will know these things if you are shopping for a 3/4 helmet. However, this can be an excellent option for those who ride motorcycles safely. Enjoy your Bell 500 helmet. !! Happy riding !!