509 Tactical Helmet Review – (2.0 Guide)

509 tactical helmet

The 509 tactical helmets have become the favorite among many riders. It is exclusively born and engineered to give guaranteed safety whether you are biking on the mountains or rough roads. You can have it at an affordable price alongside experiencing industry-leading protection. Some riders have claimed that they witnessed the absolute best and supreme value out of it.

Most importantly, the lightweight and precise fitting, durable construction, polycarbonate outer shell, and other revolutionary features have made it a reliable and safe-to-use helmet model. The highlighting part is that it even ensures neck brace compatibility, which is remarkable.

You can make it wear during any weather because it is engineered to keep your head and face warm during winter and sweat-free during the hottest days. Due to the cold weather breath-box and fully adjustable ventilation system, the rider gets a comfy wearing time. Thus, it seems to be the highest-end helmet that you can have.

To make the experience more safe and comfortable, you can team up this helmet with 509 goggles. This practice will give you a seamless fit, and the overall performance will get maximized too. It meets and perfectly fulfills all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, especially the FMVSS 218 standard. The DOT certification has further increased its worth.

Key Specifications

Brand509Outer ShellPolycarbonate outer shell
ProfileStylishInteriorCustom EPS head foam
FitCustom interior fitCertificationDOT approved
Available sizesXS-2XLUSP100% peripheral vision
Key Specifications for 509 Tactical Helmet

Features of 509 tactical helmet

If none of the snow bike helmets have impressed you, try out the 509 tactical helmets right now. Its features are unique and outstanding. It tends to function as a bullet-proof and ballistic helmet.

If you are in a law enforcement agency or Special Forces department, you must protect your head from bullets, and the reviewed helmets perform this function like a pro. Moreover, it keeps your head and faces secured against blunt impacts.

1. Custom interior fit

The overall profile looks both stylish and aggressive. No doubt, it is a perfect snow bike helmet that a person must buy. The presence of a custom interior fit and polycarbonate outer shell makes it a comfy safety gear.

2. Maximum Peripheral Vision

It is endorsed by the brand that you will get maximum peripheral vision. The eye port opening does not restrict your vision, and you can see clearly even if it is snowing or fogging heavily. Experts have advised accompanying this helmet with 509 goggles to enjoy the best fit and zero skin exposure.

A man with helmet on his head looking to the snow
509 Tactical Helmet Review

3. Pro series line and cheek padding

As this is the latest version, it accompanies the Pro series liner and super-quality cheek pads. It gets adjusted on your head and around your face so perfectly that no discomfort will come your way. In addition, the vent stoppers are removable for experiencing customized ventilation.

4. Available in many sizes

Many sizes are available, and the range is from XS to 2XL. It even complies with the ECE 2205 safety certification standard, which increases its overall reputation and reliability. So, do you want to have the 509 tactical helmets? You can have it as it has the ready-shell profile. The custom-fit EPS lining, polyurethane chin insert, removable premium liner, and dual-density construction have certainly made it a world-class and highly advanced helmet.

5. Offer a 360-Degree range of motion

Lastly, you get a 360-degree range of motion. The minute you put on this helmet, your neck or face will not face even a slight restriction in terms of movement. Moreover, the visor will never and ever block anything from the view. In fact, it keeps your eyes guarded against the heavy and intense glare of the sun.


  • EPS head foam
  • Premium and removable liner
  • DOT approved


  • Limited guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tactical helmets 100% bulletproof?

It is somewhat believed that tactical helmets remain 100% bulletproof. Some call them ballistic or bullet-proof helmets. They protect and completely safeguard the wearer’s head from massive dents, bullets, blunt impacts, and other shocks.

Do I need tactical helmets?

You need tactical helmets in the Special Forces department and law enforcement agencies. These kinds of helmets keep your head protected from bullets. You can even utilize these helmets for mounting equipment. For example, mounting a night vision goggle seems hassle-free on a tactical helmet.

Which helmet type do Special Forces use?

Special Forces use helmets that claim to be bullet-proof and withstand all sorts of blunt impacts. In addition, some helmets are encased with the Future Assault Shell Technology, and the special operations force excessively uses them. Besides, law enforcement organizations’ personnel prefer wearing helmets that are MIPS and FAST-approved.


Feel free to ask as many questions on the 509 tactical helmet review, and we will get back to you. Wearing a top-notch, DOT-approved, technically advanced designed helmet remains mandatory for the riders. If you are confused about which safety gear to choose, we suggest you have a 509 tactical helmet. It believes to be one of the finest and all-time bestselling helmets. In addition, this reviewed model advances in comfort and exhibits first-rate performance, seamless coverage, and a lightweight feel. The brand has become an industry leader in making supreme and high-quality helmets, so do not forget to try out their collections.