1Storm dual sport Helmet Review

1storm dual sport helmet

The 1Storm dual sport helmet is a blend of both full-face and off-road helmets. We have penned down the most comprehensive about it; you can look at it from here.

A variety of off-road and full-face helmets is available in the shops. But it gets tougher to determine which ones are high quality and which ones are not so preferable. We can help you a bit in this area. Please go through the 1Storm dual sport helmet review and see how superior quality, comfortable to wear, and technically constructed this helmet is.

It is the ideal blend and advanced combination of full-face and off-road helmets. In addition, it has a larger visor for guaranteeing eye protection, reducing glare, and making the riding time 100% comfortable.

1Storm dual sport helmet


1STORM helmets have become immensely popular these days. Riders of all levels have praised using their helmets, and among the popular models, we have the dual-sport model. The overall construction looks intense and beautiful at the same time. Moreover, it contains an outer protective shell for protecting your skull and neck in case of a fall or shock.

The brand has fully enclosed the product with aerodynamic and thermoplastic alloy-shell technology, making it a 100% world-class safety helmet. Besides, the reviewed model is available in various sizes, starting from XS to XXL. You will spot that the engraved graphics and appealing design element further oomph its styling status. Both the exteriors and interiors look mind-blowing and function satisfactorily.

Most importantly, the interior seems to look extremely plush. It is packed with cushioned padding to keep the cheekbones comfortable during long ride times. The cushioned padding will also prevent the rider from running out of breath while driving at high speeds. Beyond, the helmet has excellent and top-notch ventilation channels. Their primary purpose is to move in the fresh air and eliminate the nasty and hot air.

Riders have given strong support to this model because it has a Dual Visor Design. The presence of an Inner Smoked Visor and premium Outer Clear Shield makes it a super-amazing safety gear for sure.

It not only looks remarkable in terms of functioning and delivering performance. In fact, it is incredibly stylish as well. The beautiful glossy effects bring a trendy vibe into your personality, and the whole helmet is further infused with a UV protective finish. It is officially DOT approved, remains durable and light and gives the smooth, safest riding time.

Key Specifications

Brand1StormDesignDual Visor Design
ShellThermoplastic alloy shellConstructionLightweight
CertificationDOT approvedInteriorRemovable and washable
FinishingUV protective finishUSPHeavily cushioned
Key specifications of 1Storm dual sport helmet

Features of 1Storm dual sport helmet

Now, we will talk in detail about the primary features of this reviewed helmet. Please have a look at them, and in case of any questions, you can share that with us:

1. Lightweight and Durable

The dual-sport model is lightweight and super durable. This helmet will not put a burden on your head, and you can ride at ease. In addition, the aerodynamic and thermoplastic alloy-infused technology makes it an extremely durable and long-lasting helmet.

A person putting off his helmet
1Storm dual sport Helmet Review

2. Excellent Ventilation Control System

The rider will not feel suffocated the minute he puts on the dual sport helmet. An excellent ventilation control system removes the lousy air and moves in the fresh air. Three ventilation controls are there that even give you a breath of fresh air at high speeds. Besides, this system reduces the noise coming from the outside.

3. Comfort and Plush Inner Liners

It is one of such exceptional quality helmets with comfort and plush inner liners. The liners are soft, breathable, and 100% hypoallergenic fabric. Moreover, the lining will wick away all sweat and moisture. You can even remove and wash the lining if it gets greasy with dirt.

4. Comfortable Cheek Padding

The cheek padding ensures a perfect fit and keeps your face cushioned if you fall from the bike. Moreover, the padding surrounding the cheeks looks plush, heavy, and made of soft, comfortable fabric.

5. Tinted and Large Visor

The visor is large and remains tinted as well. Its fundamental purpose is to ensure UV protection, offering clear vision and the face shield helps you ride safely on rough roads. Besides, the visor guards your eyes against the blinding and intense rays of the sun.

1storm dual sport helmet
1Storm dual sport Helmet Review

6. DOT Certified

Lastly, it is DOT certified. The respective model has fulfilled the US standards of bike safety regulations. Helmets accompanying these world-acclaimed certifications further enhance their credibility. So, have this dual sport helmet and ride safely. You must not compromise your life’s safety, and that is only possible if you always ride with a helmet on!


  • Dual Visor Design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Heavily cushioned


  • Some customers have found the chin strap a bit loose

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dual sport helmets?

Dual sport helmets are a mix and an ideal blend of full-face and off-road helmets. They ensure to give ample eye protection and come with a large visor. They are generally known for their lightweight design and durability.

Why do dual sport helmets are installed with a visor?

The presence of a visor is a must in dual-sport helmets. It prevents glare and keeps your eyes protected from the sun’s rays. Riders always prefer having those kinds of helmets infused with a visor, and among them, we have 1Storm dual sport.

Does 1STORM make good-quality helmets?

Yes, 1Storm makes high-quality helmets. Their models are top-rated because of their advance engineered designs, aerodynamic visors, and plush-looking interiors and exteriors.


What else do you want to know about the 1Storm dual sport review? No doubt, it is a perfect helmet that has received many positive reviews and thumbs up. It is ultra-lightweight, easy to handle, and fully secures your skull and face. On the other hand, the inner comfort lining, plush padding, and heavily cushioned interior make it the ultimate best helmet model so far. It fully absorbs the shocks, withstands the impacts, and prevents dents. Lastly, it is a budget-friendly buy, go and get it!